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  • nivyaangelin 1d

    Now that everyone's done,
    I started.

    An year of silence,
    zip to my career.
    I came up choosing it
    beside all other dist.

    I know I have to do it
    to make everything right,
    in my own pace.
    Looks harder but
    hope is even more stronger.
    An year of making
    my life together.

    So, let's start...


    Date: 14th October
    Time: 10:37 pm

    #ceesreposts #writersbay #writersnetwork

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    Let's start

    © nivyaangelin

  • nivyaangelin 17w


  • nivyaangelin 17w

    #topic11 by @thenixwrites


    Unexpressed emotions never die.
    They come forth in uglier ways.
    The more perfect the person,
    the more demons they have inside.
    Having someone to express views
    is a gift that everyone needs.
    When we are no longer unable
    to change the situation, we are
    challenged to change ourselves.
    Every mess can be cleaned only
    when if it is messed up.
    You are challenged to love
    yourself when nobody loves.
    Now, inhale, exhale, you're
    gonna be fine ��

    © nivyaangelin

    #ceesreposts #psychiatryward #writersnetwork

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  • nivyaangelin 18w

    #topic10 by @kaiden for @ibharath

    D E A R B R O T H E R

    I have many brothers to share things, many to fight and talk. They are all best friends as people say, brothers make good companionship. But I felt this in you and you only. I never thought of hiding things from you, if I had did, it would be surprises only. I know this is going long like our conversation, but I owe you more than this caption.

    It would be you if choose someone to share a trip with. I know you're too tall but you're still a kid. I sometimes think friends won't travel long, they would atleast have a break. I don't think it's true now. Whenever I say, I don't like you, you just laugh. I know you're bad at lying but I still want to be pranked. I literally don't have anything to tell you. We talk more than this post.

    I owe you more than you do and I promise to take your side in all walks of life. But never forget my autographed jersey in future, lol. I hate you brother.


    #ceesreposts #brother #ibharath

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  • nivyaangelin 18w

    #topic9 by @fromwitchpen

    F I R E F L I E S ✨

    I hardly seen them,
    but it was the same
    lesson everytime.
    They shine like
    stars on Earth, to
    glow up the path,
    to make it amazing.
    Yeah, fireflies don't
    have much time.
    They shine to the
    fullest till the end.
    I learnt that !

    © nivyaangelin

    Date: 9th June 2021
    Time: 11:51pm

    #ceesreposts #fireflies

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  • nivyaangelin 18w

    #topic8 by @ibharath


    It ended randomly,
    when I woke up after a long sleep.
    I had no idea what's going on.
    I have got nothing to worry for it,
    nothing to think about that.
    Because everything about it was
    betrayal and disappointment.

    Maybe its that I had no friends,
    close ones gone for something
    that's really worse.
    Got some classmates,
    who could help in times.
    But I don't miss any of them.
    Means, I don't miss people.
    I miss the days;

    Fun I had in lunch seems no more,
    Praises I had for portraits seem gone,
    Teachers seem like old friends,
    School bus changed to something
    I couldn't use anymore.

    But I don't worry about these,
    I don't know why.
    There were somedays when
    I cried for friends, worried
    for farewells. But this..

    It's different. I don't know!

    I don't miss them, I miss the days.


    DATE: 8th June 2021
    TIME: 11:06 pm

    #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #schooldays #friendship

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  • nivyaangelin 19w

    #topic7 by @nish4u

    - B O R E D -

    I had difficulty in sleeping
    days before, and I heard
    the world had it too.

    I was bored all time,
    and heard the world was too.

    Boredom is one of the most sickful thing
    a person could have. The real state of
    being so much tempted to do something,
    but got nothing to do.

    Now the world is bored too,
    an year with COVID and bored
    of staying home. But nothing can be done.

    Bored of being bored
    because being bored is boring.

    @nish4u I literally have no idea on this topic ��

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  • nivyaangelin 19w

    #topic6 by @rahul_govindan


    "Love doesn't always have to be perfect,
    it just has to be true."


    When Belle loved the Beast
    with no rewards from him
    and no looks from him,
    she knew she had true love
    that changed her life ever after.

    She mended all the messed up
    things to rejuvenate the entire plot.
    I adore the story, yeah.

    But I also believe in beauty within.
    The beauty that is hidden in
    every little broken thing.
    The beauty that is adored in
    every fallen leaf in autumn.
    The beauty that is hidden in
    every dispersing light,
    forming a colourful rainbow.

    One such art of making
    things adorable is kintsugi.
    Reordering the power and
    reality of every broken pieces
    to show up an elegant,
    bright finishing.

    You will be broken,
    when you love,
    You will be mended,
    when you are broken,
    you will be beautiful,
    when you are mended.

    Good things take time!

    © nivyaangelin

    KINTSUGI: The Japanese art of mending broken things with mixture of gold, silver and platinum to give a perfect stylish look.

    Date: 4th June 2021
    Time: 11:22pm

    #ceesreposts #writersbay #beautywithin #youarebeautiful #kintsugi #beautyandthebeast #writersnetwork

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  • nivyaangelin 19w

    #topic5 by @shruti_25904


    I was tired last night,
    after work.

    I was off to bed so late.
    Soon after I came,
    without brushing even.

    Not so deep in sleep,
    I was half eye opened.
    I heard my neighbour talking,
    so loud like she's near me.

    Perhaps she's a nurse,
    why should she still up?

    I heard voices other than hers.
    With all these sleepy thoughts,
    I thought she's sitting next me.
    W A I T !!
    Why would she come into my room?

    I slowly opened my eyes
    and saw something walking.
    With tiny legs, it was my kettle
    the one I bought from miniso.

    Oh my...!!
    Is this for real? I thought
    but didn't make a move.

    It stepped on my drawing book
    and fell from the shelf.
    1,2,3 seconds took to the
    sofa to catch him.

    "There you go, I caught you"
    voice came. I was like,
    "What's happening?!"
    but stayed still on my bed.

    That thing talked !

    Before I get out of shock,
    "I will thank you later"
    said the kettle.
    "I would have broke my
    leg and that girl on bed
    would be helpless without
    me tomorrow".

    Soon my bed joined the convo.
    I was afraid a bit , but was
    strong enough to stay still.

    "She has gained much weight
    now, I guess. I think she needs
    a workout" bed said.
    And I know it's right.

    They kept on talking
    about my weight.
    I was feeling thirsty

    I no more had patience
    and was about to go
    for the glass.

    At my first move,
    everything became still
    like there was no
    mark of things talking before.

    I had enough water
    and came back to bed.
    When I began falling asleep,
    kettle said, "Let's not
    talk, she has to sleep"

    © nivyaangelin

    Date: 3rd June 2021
    Time: 11:23pm

    #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #miniso #thingstalk #conversation

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  • nivyaangelin 19w

    #topic4 by @alisdaire_ocaoimph

    S U N S E T U T O P I A

    She danced through the waves,
    her veils hiding her wet face,
    that came from the beach.

    She was soon warmed
    by the power of light
    shining over her flawless face.

    Her eyes weren't enough
    to look at the red beauty,
    it was already eve.

    She hid her face with
    her hands over her head,
    to resist the huge bright.

    It kissed her face as
    lovers do and did add
    beauty to her glowy skin.


    Date: 2/6/2021
    Time: 9:53 pm

    @writersbay ��

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