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  • nitin4youalways1997 3h


    Be a heart that feels like home to everyone .

  • nitin4youalways1997 13h


    Today education isn't education. It lost its real value and degraded to a medium used to get just a job whereas education is meant for more higher level of purposes. Job isn't the goal targeted by education, the real purpose of education was to mould the minds of the students to a beautiful soul so that they can become the humans we always read in the religious books and granths.

    Educate yourself yes but don't read and learn for getting a job. Learn to become human. And for job do the work nor just take education and become a machine that earns only money and didn't have any conscience and humanity.

  • nitin4youalways1997 1d

    On special request of my behna☺��❤ @prajakta_thakur

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    Babu ki tears my heart fears

  • nitin4youalways1997 1d

    Damn love!

    Love damn love!! This word made the world like blind. So much needed but couldn't be fed by anybody yes true but still love is more important than work right? No love isn't important at all it lose its importance when we don't work what we needed to do.

    Love is more than a feeling man. A satisfaction , a state of mental peace, a feeling of security that could only provided by the one whom understand us. It is difficult to get loved by the other one but it is easy to love own self.

    Loving own self will lead you to a happier life. And when you are happy by heart and soul, you could love anyone in this world. Wait and nurture yourself till the right one comes to your path. Have patience let that one come and love you deep down your soul could ever think.

    Yeah that love is possible only when you have the courage to wait and do what is right in your life.
    So stay focused! Stay blessed with your work and progress in life.

  • nitin4youalways1997 2d

    Lone heart

    Sometimes heart wants to say a lot, sometimes it is needed to be shared and understood by somebody. I feel like sometimes want to cling up someone who can understand my talks deep down the heart. But i realize no one is there to share me. Yup it feels lonely thats why i am writing here and what may be the purpose of this platform well back to the point that yes it hurts inside something that eats some of the part of soul. But now its okay it eats inside yes but couldn't say it now how it feels, cause feelings always made me too weak. Wish couldn't feel anything when i sleep. Most of the times sleep interrupted by loneliness makes me awake and destroy my mental health. Its fine now everything fine its always fine now.

  • nitin4youalways1997 3d

    To my rip heart❤����

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    Dear heart

    May be you aren't designed for anybody. So burying you deep down

  • nitin4youalways1997 5d

    New generation

    Ha wahi generation ki baat karne wala hu jisme ham sab reh rahe hai. Bilkul yhi generation hai jo kehne ko kafi modern hai sabkuch old generation se kafi jyada hi sudhara aur developed hai. Lekin kya itna sab kuch hone ke baad happiness khushi wo badh gyi ya ghat gyi sabki zindagi se?

    Ha mante hai sab kuch sundar aur badhia sa lagta hai ekdum swarg jaisa lekin kya khushi swarg jaisee hai bhi ya nhi yaa fir keval ek bhram me jee rahe hai ham sab?

    Aaj ek insaan doorse insaan se kisi bhi tarah ka nata nhi rakhna chahta. Insaaniyat ka chor de wo to kafi door ki baat hai. Ghar ke rishte hi sambhal jaye wahi badi baat hai.

    Log asliyat kehna nhi chahte kafi kadvi hai isliye aur kehna hai is generation ka ki baat hi kya kare jab sudhaar nhi sakte to! Waah kya soch hai aur socha ja raha hai waah!! Kya isi soch ka nazaria banane ke liye itna door ham aye the?

    Shayd isse jyada bade nazariye aur sukh dene wale yug ki kalpana hamare poorvajo ne ki thi lekin wo galat the. Aaj zaroorat hai sochne ki vichaarne ki kaha hamne galtia ki hai jisski wajh se hame dukh jyada aur sukh naam maatr mil raha hai.

    Apne vichaar comments me likhe

  • nitin4youalways1997 5d

    Learn from life
    Learn from mistakes

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    Ham sab karte hai sabse hoti bhi hai, kabhi jaane me kabhi anjaane me, hoti jaroor hai. Mahatvpoorna hai ki un galtio se seekha ki nhi taki zindagi pe koi nakaraatmak prabhaav aage chalkar na pade.

  • nitin4youalways1997 5d


    Sometimes in life you could do nothing but wait for the right time to come for some events that really work on the right time only.

  • nitin4youalways1997 5d


    I must say i feel amazing craving for your touch of words.