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  • niti_s_1 30w

    Comparisons leads to insecurities,
    Insecurities to inferiority,
    Inferiority to worthlessness,
    worthlessness to depression,
    then you give up.

  • niti_s_1 52w

    हाथों से वक्त निकलता जा रहा है इस ख़ोज में
    शायद मुझको मैं मिल जाऊं कहीं किसी रोज़ में ।

  • niti_s_1 62w

    All the materialistic things were made to realise, you are not good enough without them but in reality they are not worthy of our valueable time.

  • niti_s_1 63w

    Depression- a living hell.

  • niti_s_1 90w

    From one to another,
    I went astray in the vicious cycle of past.
    Looks beautiful but pains so much
    as I see around and realize,
    I'm spiraling down in confusion, what to do or not cause reality is not a reverie.

  • niti_s_1 90w


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    जितना शुक्र अदा करूं उतना कम है।
    माना कि बहुत गम हैं पर खुशियां भी कुछ कम नहीं।
    जो दिया पूरी दुनिया उसके सामने मिट्टी का एक कण भी नहीं है।

  • niti_s_1 91w

    It's quiet wierd but I'm so used to live in pain for years that my heart now runs on ache and what my mind do it always wander back where it exists because thats what I know and I'm comfortable at but that doesn't mean i don't want to change that I want to but it's scary to know yourself without that how you supposed to look like.But What I learn pain is beautiful too that's why when my mind it is quite one of the things other then my shadow side, pain it goes back to.... I'm finding peace with it slowly.....It' beautiful and when you know you can't be happy all the time so why desire that which is not real and that's how life works... Embrace everything. and sometimes who astray they find destination that they were longing for.


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    and sometimes who astray they find destination that they were longing for.


  • niti_s_1 91w


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    Why you want to know my name?
    why you want to know my identity?
    why you want to know my gender?
    my status
    my religion
    my cast
    my creed
    my colour
    my size
    my body
    to see it is physically enabled
    to look my face
    can't you respect that I'm me and a human like you too.
    or you don't respect without judgements.
    or you just want to make sure to which extent you can make use of others.
    You just learnt only this from life then you need to change it cause it isn't making anyone happy, not you, not me. You will come to know this one day. So,
    look within cause anything based on selfish motives don't last long.

  • niti_s_1 91w

    #prettypic204 @bluepuppy01
    PC: Rightful Owner

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    My heart says lets jump into the fire
    and burn.
    other can feel the warmth,
    see you shining brightly
    but nobody has the strength
    to come near,
    the audacity to touch you.
    Be that fire that takes so many of them to calm you down,
    to extinguish you.
    still then they can not subside the upheaval,
    can't deny the power of your existence.
    even if they do, the signs will remind them the heat of your flames.

  • niti_s_1 92w

    ......... random

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    When you finally accept the truth, lots of burdens get off, present with in you. You feel so light and this is the first step to the process of being at peace with whatever it is. Second, find the solution for what next.