You are the CEO of your life Hire, fire and promote accordingly

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  • nitalijohori 110w

    How are you passing your Lockdown period???

  • nitalijohori 111w


    I Am a virus with big ego..
    I will not enter your house unless you invite me.. Once i come in contact with you
    I will not let you free.
    Stay at home and stay safe
    I hope you will agree.

  • nitalijohori 111w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Forgive

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    Forgive someone, forgive today
    Turn yourself from bitter to positive,

  • nitalijohori 135w

    Be happy

    As Much as You Can
    You are born only once
    You live a life only once

  • nitalijohori 135w

    Best Moments Ever

    Sleeping between Mummy and Daddy❤

  • nitalijohori 135w

    Story of Todays Morning

    Continuously it seems to Rain
    From the morning till the next Morning
    All are bound to go out for a work
    Same goes with me too...
    Mind hesitate "Oh No Why This Rain In the Morning, I wanna Sleep Some More "
    Forcefully Got Fresh thinking and then day dreaming if I will go to college or Not
    By that time Notification bell from Official WhatsApp Shows me "Hello Nitali Meet me when you are free"

  • nitalijohori 135w


    Hey I am sinking in the river
    I wanna float
    I tried a lot to float but I can't
    Getting heavier and heavier
    I will get drowned soon

  • nitalijohori 147w


    I don't know about other's, but am always worried.. Tensed.. if am on the right track towards my career.

  • nitalijohori 148w


    No freedom just being controlled
    Phyco warden always scold..

    In a restriction hostel..
    Her mind is rusted as fossil..

    I know, I need to go very high
    I need to work hard and fly

    Apart I do have some wishes
    That always get washed away as dishes

    You just saw my outer part of my life
    Wish I was free as a wild life..

    I do struggle..
    My Life is full of puzzle.

  • nitalijohori 149w

    If we work hard, definitely success will conquer us..

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    Hard Work

    Work Hard and gain
    No work is done without pain

    You be the eagle with the wing
    Just be faithful in small things

    Who dreamed' who thought of such a thing
    That one day definitely you be the king.