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  • nishutayal 11w


    My friend asked me to have dinner,
    And I responded I am not able to eat at all,
    My friend replied to me saying
    When something is slowly eating your
    Heart , mind and soul from within
    You won't feel hungry
    Or have urge to eat,
    I don't think there is anything perfect
    Which makes more sense than this

  • nishutayal 22w

    Too much too ask for???

    Sometimes I wonder where all this will end ,
    I have been alone all my life.
    Never had close friends who lifted me when i was down,
    Nor a close cousin or relatives who supported me when I needed most,
    Maybe born as first child thought me maturity in childhood, killing that innocence in me.
    Being eldest child distant me from my siblings for some odd reasons,
    And my love life has been a rollercoaster
    But I never complained , but
    Sometimes I crave for that love and care
    Numerous times I feel like shouting and asking ,
    Why me??? But whom do I ask this question
    Don't I deserve some love , care and happiness
    That affection that I am also being loved.
    How can a person be so unlucky
    To not recieve love or care by any means,
    Is it too much too ask for ???

    ©Nishu Tayal

  • nishutayal 34w


    I am tired of waiting ,
    Waiting for you to miss me .
    And meet me to spend some time ,
    I miss laying on your lap,
    Cuddling you till we fall asleep
    And tell you how i feel ,
    Lately I have this feeling ;
    I am losing you with each passing day .
    You don't ask me these days,
    If i am happy or i wish for something .
    When i ask you to meet or try to talk ,
    Seems like you just avoid it with excuses ,
    I agree to fact you are busy and tight,
    But do you realize it hurts, hurts a lot.
    To be on the waiting end always.
    So , finally i am giving up trying ,
    And will wait till you break this routine,
    And come and hug me with love
    because i don't have strength
    As I am too tried to try again

    ©Nishu Tayal

  • nishutayal 36w


    It's not a piece of paper,
    But it's my heart.
    On which I just don't write words,
    But I write my love for you.
    That's the reason in the world
    Which is filled with betrayer's
    I am always standing alone stronger
    With the courage to love you forever
    ©Nishu Tayal

  • nishutayal 36w


    I believe in your promises,
    That you will meet me one day.
    But you tend to stop at every turn
    And tend to forget me every passing second
    Like the internal hurt
    Which is not seen
    But hurts the most ,
    When in night you say me good night
    Yet stay online for a little longer,
    It hurts me internally yet I smile
    Like you say we will meet someday
    I will be waiting for you at the end of the road
    ©Nishu Tayal

  • nishutayal 36w


    I am still angry on you ,
    For the hasty decisions
    You took for us ,
    But at the same time
    I only get sleep in your arms
    I know we have differences between us
    But I wish , I just wish
    I could tie your future with mine
    And built a house on it ,which
    We would call our home
    But there was a small gap
    Gap built with our insecurities
    Which just didn't allow
    Me and You to be US
    ©Nishu Tayal

  • nishutayal 37w

    Illusion Love

    He was like angry Earth,
    And I was like the calm sky.
    People say that these two
    Meet at a point somewhere;
    Which is nothing but illusion of eyes,
    But I still wait for you near that illusion
    Because even the calmest sky needs a thunder
    And angry earth needs the calming sky to sooth
    ©Nishu Tayal

  • nishutayal 37w


    Have you ever left with the scent,
    The scent of him from when you snuggled;
    When he was afraid of his body smell,
    Little did he know that ,
    When his bare skin touched mine
    It created a unforgettable memory
    With the scent that lingers on me after he left.
    My bed and body still have that scent
    Making me feel his presence after he is gone
    Leaving me in despair feeling of loosing that scent,
    Because of the need to make the bed next morning;
    Also a good shower that's required by the body,
    Leaving me with hope of not loosing the scent somehow
    Wishing that it stays with me forever
    ©Nishu Tayal

  • nishutayal 39w


    I know you can see through me
    I hope you can read my mind
    Because I can't seem to find words
    To explain you how I am feeling with
    The missing presence of you
    You make me wait always and
    Hoping for your one sight
    I have spent many sleepless nights

    I am afraid of losing you
    And I know you say you are here
    Then why don't I feel your presence around me
    Why??? I feel my so empty and lonely
    I crave your touch , feel and that smiling face
    Which was always trying to cheer me up
    Where did that guy disappear
    I miss you, I miss us
    Please return me my sweet , caring and loving person
    Because I can't afford to loose him
    ©Nishu Tayal

  • nishutayal 39w

    Book and Love

    I thought I was a book in his life,
    Then realised that I was just a page
    But I am not sad you know why???
    Because books are kept in the cupboard,
    But a page is kept in shirt pocket;
    Close to one's heart❤️
    ©Nishu Tayal