A Gentleman with a kink streak. A lover of Words. I write about Love. I also write about BDSM. I love to write Erotic Poetry, in a tasteful way.

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  • nipplegrinder 58w


    What if we saved
    our shadows
    when we sneak
    into darkness
    When our eyes
    are wide and

    In a box
    you could capture
    as treasure

  • nipplegrinder 110w

    Come Home Lilly

    I'm so sad to see you go
    Your silhouette fades
    I shudder I scream for you
    Come home Lilly
    Come home
    Those shattered nights
    The sleepless morn's
    The desperate pleas
    The righteous sighs

    The fallen leaves
    Have announced your presence
    Your Heralding
    Your Remarkable Dance

    Inside your encapsulated dreams
    Underneath your breaths
    On top of your
    Captured youth

    I'll carry you, Lilly
    Please come home

  • nipplegrinder 110w


    Do you listen to the quiet still?
    Of the listing stream
    The breeze past your ears
    Windy reminders of eagles
    gliding on currents
    Landing near
    Drinking slow water
    Watching the hedges for stir
    within and under
    Holding your breath with her
    Watching with eyes so poor
    She may help you feed today
    Can you feed the gaping maw
    And silence your nascent thirst
    The Darkness is few days from
    Naked in the Sun
    Crying for the Nile

  • nipplegrinder 121w

    Will You Love The Boy

    If my lips never part
    from yours
    Will you still love
    My kiss
    Will you allow my ravaging gropes
    My seedy rubs as you slumber
    My sleepy dreams of
    Restless err
    Will you love the boy
    So steely, so focused
    Will you scream the night is short
    As the day
    Clutches the morn

  • nipplegrinder 173w

    My Lips Speak Your Name

    My lips are to please you
    Kiss each sinew
    I must build a river
    And ache as darkness

    My lips speak your name
    Each night
    Your scream
    I've left you in the darkest place
    I could find

    My lips are to please you
    Will your lips find mine?

  • nipplegrinder 190w

    Her Destiny

    Her destiny is to run as a wildfire
    Consuming all in her wake
    In fellowship with zephyrs and gales alike
    Her destiny is to run as a midnight thunderstorm
    Darkness and lightning trading
    Her destiny is to run as a river flows
    Strong, true, straight
    Her destiny is to run as a whirlpool swirls
    Gathering all into her center
    Capturing their essences
    Her destiny is to run as the sunset envelopes
    Slowly bartering the night
    Within her restless sojourn
    As a spirit would traipse
    She travels as gypsy moonrise
    And owns the void

  • nipplegrinder 190w


    The Jazz in her veins
    The Blues in His soul
    They dance a wondrous waltz
    Twirling in melodious synchronicity
    Staccato strikes and yelps
    Rhythmic thuds and sharp intake
    The breath rushes past her clenched teeth
    With pleasing sizzle to His ears
    Her tears and sweat
    A luscious libation
    For an unquenchable tongue
    The song, the Duet,
    Written on skin
    Played, practiced, perfected
    Performed and acclaimed

  • nipplegrinder 201w

    The Ripple Back

    Shattered seas
    Silken winds
    Skin upon skin
    Scattered ghosts
    Sated hunger
    Breeze of angel's wings flutter

    On stream of will
    Seas are still
    Wind as quiet as broken silence
    Resounding silence

    Marriage of beach
    of you
    to me
    The lap of water
    to it's edge
    The ripple back
    Is the reward

  • nipplegrinder 205w

    Planting Star Seeds In Harrowing Crosswind

    Writhing widows soulwind
    Sculptured shadows downwind
    Cascading smoky whirlwind
    Mystic rises in shattered stillness
    Congressing with darkened gales
    Egressing with hobbled moons
    Planting star seeds in harrowing crosswind
    Gathering cyclone within

  • nipplegrinder 205w


    I can grip a shadow
    Grasp, perhaps
    Glimpse her scattered darkness
    Her stillness
    is what shatters me
    No ghost
    Nor demon
    I peer from corner of eyesight
    I watched you move
    I saw you sidle
    I saw you blanket a statue
    I watched your demise
    As night befell

    I follow you, shadow
    I await your return
    Gather your strength
    and meet me
    at dawn.