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  • nimisharana 2w

    In every Song
    I find you

    Every lyrics
    Remind me
    About you

    I sometimes heard some of my favorite song
    While I m missing you
    And all the flash backs
    Put smile on my face
    Because I can see your smiling face
    And your eyes
    Making me to love you more n more

    I can sing every love song for you
    I can write song for you

    Remember you find another girls
    But the way I love you
    No one can loves you
    I can promise that
    Because my love for you is infinite

    I can love you from far away
    I can love you till my last breath

    I'm not just saying it
    I meant it

  • nimisharana 4w

    My whole life I cared about others
    I sacrificed for ppl whom I care a lot
    I didn't enjoy my life
    Even I was not living it
    I'm keep running away from my emotions, my happiness
    I never thought about being happy me
    I never care about myself or dreams or happiness

    I was just running
    And running
    And I stopped

    I stopped somewhere
    Where I feel peace, happiness
    Where I m loving my self
    Where I'm living little bit
    Where I can breathe
    Where I didn't suffocated
    Where I didn't care about anyone
    Where I didn't care about judgements and opinions
    Where I can't stay longer
    But I want to stay Little longer

    Do u know the place where I stopped...???
    Bcz I can't say it
    It's close to my heart and always be there no one can replace
    Not Bcz first time I stopped and I attached or I found love
    Bcz I believe god created this
    Bcz I don't want to deny this feelings
    Bcz I wanted to stay and I'm staying
    Not everyone stays
    But this is for forever

    So do u know where I stopped...???

  • nimisharana 9w

    When I'm stuck in the storm of my life
    Or something in messy

    My eyes only wants to see you

    My ears wants to hear your voice

    My hands wants to just hold your hand

    And I just want you to hug me for a few min

  • nimisharana 11w

    Friendship Day is about friends

    There's no friends to celebrate friendship day..!

  • nimisharana 13w

    All I need is

    A cup of Happiness
    A drop of joy

    And your presence..!!

  • nimisharana 14w

    Maybe we just crossed our paths
    Maybe This paths are not for forever

    Maybe god sent u in my life
    Nd me in your life for a reason

    But I'll be thinking of you when I'm smiling
    and staring at mirror

    Bcz the only reason of my smile is
    always will be you...!!
    You'll be my never ending thought...!!

  • nimisharana 14w

    The kind of loneliness I feel is

    So empty
    So irritating

    Smile outside
    Dying inside

    Strong outside
    Breaking down inside

    Fake mask wears
    Hiding the tears

  • nimisharana 15w

    He's morning
    He's evening

    He's my uncompleted rhyming
    He's my complete poetry

    He's my first thought of the day
    He's a day dream
    And my nightmare

    He's smile of my face
    And blush on my cheeks

    He's my uncompleted rhyming
    He's my complete poetry

  • nimisharana 15w

    Don't lose trust in yourself no matter what
    Take situations positively be patience and be gentle towards yourself.... Don't be hard..
    In the process of heartbreaking situations and our daily life problems we start thinking too much and thn anxiety deepresed... Our zombie brain enjoying this things but we've to suffer a lot mood swing, irritation n all..
    Be gentle towards yourself take all the situations very calmly..

    Just a one thing dont lose hope and believe in yourself..!!!

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    Me to myself -
    Life is really messed up
    I couldn't find any way out
    I'm losing my confidence and my mind

    Myself to me -
    Don't worry..!
    You know you're strong enough to handle your own problems and yourself..
    You did this before right..!!
    Don't lose your self confidence and the way you trust your self..
    Believe in yourself
    Be patience
    Be calm
    Be gentle towards yourself
    Don't start overthinking
    Don't lose hope
    Everything will be alright
    Just a matter of time
    You can do this too...!!!

  • nimisharana 15w

    Ppl come in our life for a reason.. We lost lots of friends.. If they meant to stay they will stay no matter what without hurting us but if they are constantly hurting you using you let them go.. Yourself matter first you can't get hurt everytime..
    Just think God send them for us for teaching us lesson..!!

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    It's really hard for letting them go

    But they only come for teaching us lesson