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  • nikkimira90 1w

    With every picture i paint in your head, I drive you over the edge.
    Bewitching you by by gaze, as I toy with your imaginations.
    Images of my body, etched in your brain as I continue to tease you.
    Memories of me engraved on every part of your body.
    I’m driving you crazy with this sexual tension.
    I want you to starve, I want you to need it, need me.
    I want to tease you with the suspense.

    I want you to long for my touch, and the feel of your skin against mine.
    I want you to thirst for it, the taste of my body and lips.
    I want you to appreciate it, what it means to be loved by me.
    I want to feel it, every inch of you.
    I want to slowly trace your skin.
    I want every part of you forever engraved in my memory.
    I want to mark you, because you’re mine.
    I will make you beg for it, I’ll make sure to always be in your thoughts, I’ll make sure you never forget.
    And I’ll make sure to leave you wanting more.

  • nikkimira90 2w

    There is more to sex than just physical contact. Thank you! Follow for more 😇#erotic #eroticpoems #poetry #sex #love #explore @miraquill @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #mirakee #miraquill #aesthetic

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    Sex is like an art form, I don’t just want to have mindless sex with you. I want to create an image, a mixture of colors. Something meaningful and beautiful. I want to admire you, appreciate you, and love you in every which way. I want to study every inch of your body, I don’t just want to make love to you, I want to make love with you. Your body and soul, a beautiful masterpiece that shouldn’t be tainted or painted over but should be cherished and appreciated.
    I don’t just want to be in you, I want to be in that moment with you. I don’t want it to be about you or me, but us. I don’t just want to hear or listen to your moans, but your thoughts, emotions and feelings. I don’t want this to be about pleasure but so much more, I want this to be about two people in the process of creating art.
    For I can’t be a painter without my brush, a writer without my pen or a beautiful work of art without colors and depth.

  • nikkimira90 4w

    Pulled by the strings of society.
    We’ve become puppets controlled by stereotypes, beliefs, ideals and what people view as “right.”
    We don’t own our decisions and we can’t be ourselves.
    Because we are slaves to their criticism.
    Our normal isn’t normal anymore because we allow ourselves to be put inside a box just for the sake of conformity.
    We either stand for ourselves
    Remain puppets to their strings.


  • nikkimira90 5w

    We shouldn’t waste our time crying over the time we lost cause it’ll only get in the way of the time we have. So just be free, do you and keep moving forward.

  • nikkimira90 9w

    Just a random thought that I feel like I should share. @miraquill @writerstolli
    #fade #existence

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    Fading out of existence

    I’m not scared of death, or the concept of dying.
    What I’m most scared of is the pain I’ll cause.
    We might not notice it but when we meet people, we give them a piece of ourselves. A piece that we can never take back.
    When I die, will it be dark? Or will it be bright.

    Will I just seize to exist, knowing that I only live inside the memories of those I left behind.
    Will I just leave them with emptiness, and painful memories?

    Will I only exist in pictures and videos
    Will that be the only way for them to fill that void? For them to hear my voice?
    Will I be able to see the ones I left behind? Will I see the devastation that I left them with? Will I see the regret in their eyes, regret of ever getting to know me just to watch me leave,
    will I see the regret of unspoken words and unshared feelings.
    What if I fade out of existence? only to realize that there is no life after death, just darkness, cold and empty, void of colors, the absence of light.

    Will my memories be a painful reminder, will the videos of me laughing be the closest to what people get? Or am I too insignificant to be missed?

    I’m not afraid of death, I’m more scared of hurting the people I love and the people I made memories with and what I’m afraid of is regret and unfinished chapters in my story.

    Will the piece of me that I left behind be a painful reminder of what was, that’ll never be or something more that my eyes will never see.

  • nikkimira90 11w

    Symphony of my pain.

    I’m torn, I don’t know what to do.
    Decisions become hard to make when you’re not the only one involved; what should I do’ what should I say… it’s torture, knowing how many lives you could affect with just a sentence.
    How should I say it, how can I?
    It’s agonizing, it hurts, it really does, it hurts so much.
    I’m being tormented by my thoughts, the voices in my head won’t shut up.
    It’s driving me insane, I’m scared, I’m scared of what might happen, I’m scared of my thoughts, and I’m scared of the destruction I’ll cause more that the salvation I’ll achieve.

    Happiness comes with a price but this price is too big.
    The weight on my shoulder is crushing me, I can’t take it anymore.
    The only thing that keeps me going is the thought of living for others, not just myself. The thought of others feeling what I’m feeling, is not something I wish for, I just want to go home, I’m not talking about four walls with a roof over my head, when I say “home” I mean that little girl I was who was filled with hope and dreams, the little girl who was forced to grow up, the little girl who knew nothing of this world.
    They say ignorance is bliss; I never really understood it but now I do all this pain, all this tears, the screams, heartbreak, sorrow, hardships, betrayal, hopelessness, worthlessness, all of it, all of it I had to get used to, all of it I had to get accustomed to and for what, for what!?! There isn’t always a light at the end of the tunnel but I’ll find my light and if I don’t find it or the tunnel is too dark, I’ll light it up myself, I’ll be my own light amidst all the darkness.

    With happiness comes pain, and with pain comes happiness. I may never find it and if I do find that which makes me whole, I’ll cherish it. If I can’t make myself happy then I’ll be that which makes people smile. Even though it’s hard, I will not allow my pain to define me. I distract myself to avoid my thoughts, memories can’t be forgotten, neither can the pain which comes with it at the end of the day we just learn to live with it, I may be who I am because of the pain, but I’m also who I am because of the happiness that comes with it. Happiness can be easily overlooked when pain is involved. Sometimes the happiness memories are easy to forget but the painful ones are ever present. From now on I’ll treasure every memory both the good and the bad because every bit of happiness I find, give or feel is precious. I may be torn, I may not know what to do, but I’ll get there, I hope so. I’ll find a way people will be hurt either way so I’ll try my best to make the right decisions even though I’m scared.

  • nikkimira90 12w

    You know you’re broken when you can cry silently with a straight face
    you know you’re shattered when you have no tears left to cry and all you’re left with is undeniable pain.

  • nikkimira90 13w


    It can make you lose things,
    It can make you doubt
    It holds you back
    And It does a lot of damage.
    I’ve lost a lot to fear, I really have….
    But at the end of the day I have myself to blame cause with all the pain I still feel fear.

  • nikkimira90 19w

    Series of events led to this, really unpleasant events.
    Even with all the bad, I made some good memories that I’ll cherish
    And some good moments too.

    But is taking the good away from the bad really what’s important?
    Even if it was just fleeting, those moments were nice.
    Sometimes I wonder if those moments were worth it cause I couldn’t hold on to it forever
    So is holding on to it a little even worth it?
    I guess it’s good to be selfish sometimes.
    Cause.......... happiness comes with a price, a price that some aren’t willing to pay and others will give even their life for.

    But is it worth it? Is it worth all the sacrifices, is it worth the pain or the knowledge that it can be gone in a second? Is it worth knowing someone even if is just for a minute? Is it worth getting attached knowing that you might lose that thing or that person very soon, is it worth making little memories knowing that you might never get to experience more with that person?

    Happiness comes with a price but sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the value we’ve placed on it or are we just blindly chasing something that’s always there? Or maybe what we’re chasing doesn’t exist.

    @mirakee #mirakee @writersnetwork #selfish #happiness

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    Happiness comes with a price but sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the value we’ve placed on it, or are we just blindly chasing something that’s always there? Or maybe what we’re chasing doesn’t exist.

  • nikkimira90 22w


    To me food is sacred,
    Food is a blessing
    And food isn’t something that should be wasted.

    The biggest pain I’ve felt is seeing how little humans help each other


    It breaks my heart when people waste food, that’s why I made a point to always finish mine and be grateful.

    We will never understand the worth of food until we starve.

    People see those on the streets as filth, they don’t see them as humans and they ignore their cries for help. Food tastes better when you share it with people.

    I might not know what it feels like to go for days without food or what it feels like to starve with no hope but I hate the fact that’s the reality that some people live in, I hate the fact that every time I look at my full plate someone else’s plate is empty.

    I hate the fact that those people don’t know what it’s like to eat three times, twice or even once in a day.

    They deserve more they deserve a relationship with food, everyone deserves a relationship with food.

    Everyone deserves the joy that comes with every meal.
    I pray that in the days to come they will eat to their hearts content.