Nikita is a research scholar. She is an enthusiastic writer passionate about her work.

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  • nikitagandotra_ 40w

    The Broken Lady

    At fifty now getting a chance to call of her duty
    Why is she mourning?
    For the moments that have gone
    Will it be coming back
    The dreams that she saw throughout
    Went to sack with those days
    Happily as she moved by
    From one home to another
    She thinks life would change
    She knew her duties right
    She realised she was going to have to smile
    Yet what was rejected
    The beauty that she was wearing wide
    Lost and gone by a blast
    No one to complain
    Why is she mourning?
    A spirit of gold willing to give for all
    So even as she's looking out
    What was she throughout
    And now, when she has a chance
    She forgot who she was...

  • nikitagandotra_ 40w

    The Supreme in Me

    Let your power reside in me
    No worldly thoughts must take over
    You and I are the only connection
    My spirit is sparkling in your forms
    Your thought keeps me off sinister
    With thy presence, I became oblivion
    Yet now comes the call of senescence
    I conform to thee my absolute strength
    Giving away the joy of the universe
    I approach your doorstep
    Astoundingly in the love of thee
    Be there with me
    The supreme in me

  • nikitagandotra_ 41w

    The Caregivers

    In the realm of the dizzy pleasure
    As the droplets fell with a shun on the leaves
    It touched their heart
    Pouring down pinch by pinch to one another
    Never came a moment nor a day
    When the lumpsum desire of love was forsaken
    For a single moment
    The water finds its way down to the trunk
    Taking it to the utmost caregivers
    The lover that stores the abundance
    And gives away when needed
    The rain pours in the love
    And the caregivers manage to seek the Trevor
    Beauty lies in those perches that extended
    Not just to one another
    But to all those who never dared
    To isolate from these caregivers in the lifetime

  • nikitagandotra_ 42w

    Tiny Little Lassie

    Drenching in the droplets
    Of the tinkling dribbling flow
    Plumpy little lassie
    Whooping in the mizzle
    Doodling in the air
    Savouring the smell of love
    Tiny hands make their own hymn
    Sound slow and low
    Don't think they're naive
    They have made their patented rainy show
    Drenching in the droplets
    Of the tinkling dribbling flow
    Tiny little lassie
    budging her moves
    Swaying her flows

  • nikitagandotra_ 48w

    Suffering or Ease

    Unhesitatingly I questioned
    Once, twice, thrice
    I demanded all that I wished
    I was the princess of my own story
    Yes it was that easy
    Life gave those little pleasures
    I was living now
    Each day was getting up to the tunes
    Of the voices much aliked;
    Living in the cocoon
    The chores & the lores of time
    All bountiful smiles
    Was it really something petrifying
    Or should this be all our strife

  • nikitagandotra_ 49w

    Drifting Edges

    Your betrayal was not a single day's speck
    It came to me with a running stretch
    Passing on for days and nights
    Making me to think
    Was I never too wise
    To judge the case that lies abase
    Queering the emotions we carved
    Far too long to drive the winsome path
    Coming back to think again
    Dreams are yet shorter to live
    Than to feel as they sway
    So we move on here from track
    To be what pains give to the broken hearts
    Drifting edges that spook the trodden last

  • nikitagandotra_ 49w

    Broken world

    The memories of those old songs
    We sang together
    Still bloom in my heart like ever
    Those unending talks
    Those shimmery freebies
    Your love for me in thine eyes
    Your panegyrizing me
    For every little thing I did
    Now when I look back
    To think it as nothing but fawnery
    Did any word have a meaning
    Or was it simply foolery
    The answers never came
    As you never stayed;
    Far too long I mentally conceived of love
    That for you was just a forlorn
    But for me became my world.

  • nikitagandotra_ 50w

    Cycle of feminity

    If the cycle of women getting married
    To raise better women for their future
    Where are we heading to
    Then again the young woman as she grows
    Works on the prescription of one day
    She has to get married
    Where are we heading to
    If this way the circle of feminity continues
    Where are we heading to.

  • nikitagandotra_ 50w

    Behind every successful woman is a mother who through her unsaid words persuades her to accomplish what she herself could not due to the circumstances

  • nikitagandotra_ 52w

    Why Do I Have To Part?

    The stage was set
    The dream of every girl
    Now its my time to live that
    My Prince Charming standing ahead
    All eyes looking up to me
    As if I'm the princess of the ceremony
    I was the one shining stuff
    But then all emotions swept in a slay
    All the childhood memories crossed my way
    Standing behind me were those
    Who brought me up in their shadow
    Not a day passed by
    When I didn't see their face
    As my morning sun rises high
    So how today leaving all of it aside
    I am walking away to make a new life
    Setting all new beginnings forth
    Is it that instant for a girl to go
    And if I say this is not what I want
    Does the society again see me with the same warmth
    All I need to ask is that
    Why do you show it be so easy?
    Ever asked a girls heart
    What kept it pounding so fast
    The only answer her eyes want
    Tell me why do I have to part?