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  • nihita_ 5d

    I take a breath and shut the door
    Muffle my mouth until it's sore
    I let these tears roll down my face
    Nobody knows I'm in this space
    I keep this hidden no one can hear
    I must be strong and fight my fear
    But I'm tired they cannot see
    My heart keeps beating though not for me
    Then in the distance I hear their voice
    I know they'll always be my choice
    For it's their future so I must fight
    Against all I know that isn't right
    I get myself up off the floor
    I wipe my eyes and cry no more
    And when I go this woman will stay
    Because I'll be back again one day
    For when I'm scared I tend to grieve
    Making parts inside me when I leave

  • nihita_ 3w

    You and me
    Do you see?
    We are but a tapestry.
    Woven with colors
    Unrecognizable to the naked eye
    Shining light for all to see.

    Do you see?
    Do you see our tapestry?
    Imperfectly perfect.
    Knots on one side
    That we tried so hard to hide.
    A mess in duress.
    Do you feel me?

    I feel you...

    For you are me.
    And we are free.
    Entangled as one.
    Our tapestry.

  • nihita_ 6w

    There are moments
    I am reminded
    Of the glue
    Caught between
    The layers of
    Madness and chaos
    Daring me to believe...
    Brief fleeting moments
    Flickering in and out
    Like fireflies
    On the nightfall
    Of consciousness
    And I lie awake
    Like the moon clutching
    A night jar
    Of light signals.

  • nihita_ 8w

    The memory is
    Pure theory.

    I know, I knew
    How it feels.

    But now the recollection
    Is void of emotions.

  • nihita_ 9w

    There was a girl,
    Who didn't belong anywhere but in her dreamworld
    But that was forbidden.

    Life became easier
    And then harder
    And then easier
    And then harder
    And then a lot harder.

    The losses and gains never added up
    And even if they did
    Is a blame of worth it?

    In a world gone mad
    Existing is an achievement
    Living a luxury.

    Pain is the only thing that feels real.

  • nihita_ 9w

    रुका-रुका सा वक़्त फिर चलने लगता है
    बनके साया सा कोई फिर ढलने लगता है,
    ज़िन्दगी कहीं बिखरती हुई कहीं सँवरती हुई
    दर्द के साथ ज़ख्मों सी निखरती हुई,
    कदमों की आहट को पैमाना बनाकर
    ज़माने की ज़ंजीरों को खिलौना बनाकर,
    इसी जज़्बे को करके सलाम
    ज़ेहन के डर को देकर विराम,

    अनजानी राहों के अन्तहीन सफर पर निकलती है~

  • nihita_ 9w

    Not a voice in my head
    Nothing separate,

    Not an evil twin
    Against whom could I win
    Not a personality split
    That could be fixed
    An inner saboteur
    Is just for amateur.

    I'm a pro
    I've become my foe.

  • nihita_ 9w

    I want to chase the sunset
    I want my mind to be fed
    And my soul to be happy.

    Everything has been done and said.
    I have done what I have claimed to be.
    I'm slowly understanding my self fulfilling and prophecy.