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  • nightqueen 1w

    I am loosing my touch on reality,
    Like I could cry one moment,
    but not feel anything the next.
    Even words are failing me ,
    that was the one thing,
    I thought mine forever.
    This means trouble I guess,
    but I couldn't bring myself to care.
    Perhaps its time to accept
    the darkness and rest ,
    my weary soul.

  • nightqueen 5w

    If I can not win it with my skill
    I ll fight it with my will

  • nightqueen 7w

    Perhaps my walls were not strong enough
    Because all it took for you to break it is
    A mere smile

  • nightqueen 8w

    Lets take a pill or hundred
    And forget the world
    We only need to remember us

  • nightqueen 10w

    I have no love and no fire,
    I only got sad reality,
    And even sadder life.
    Yet I cling to this world,
    Refusing to accept defeat,
    Desperate to call something only mine.
    Misery and disappointment , twin shadows
    Follows my doorsteps , twisting my freedom.
    But I am grateful for the decadent sun
    I wake up to and the moon for its solace.
    For the stars adorning the sky and also for the
    wind in-between the trees.
    Because it gives me hope
    To hang on to life.


  • nightqueen 11w

    Do not mock my gentle heart ,
    For it has the power of thousand blades.

  • nightqueen 11w

    When did all my childhood dreams
    Turned into my dreaded nightmares
    All of this feels so surreal and sudden
    Like blink of an eye or beat of a wings
    Handing back my soul in tatters
    Only an echo of familiarity remains
    In my heart..

  • nightqueen 15w

    Don't doubt , take one step,
    The first step , towards your dream.
    Everything will fall into place
    As the universe intends.

  • nightqueen 16w

    When I close my eyes at night
    Will I be able to sleep
    Knowing somewhere out there
    You are still aching
    From the pain
    I caused you.

  • nightqueen 16w

    Caged in-between your arms,
    Looking into your wild eyes,
    Tracing the slight curl
    Of your smiling lips.,
    Urging my heart to beat,
    In tune with yours,
    I found my strength,
    To push back the demons
    Within me.