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  • night_admirer 19w

    Bleeding heart

    My heart is wounded as fuck
    I was healing myself....
    But it started all over again
    These past few days had again took my heart out forcefully
    And hurt me more in the wounded spot
    This time the wound is deeper than ever
    My bleeding wrists can't compensate the pain of my wounded heart
    I feel numb
    I feel alone
    I feel hurt
    I wanna die soon, sooner!!

  • night_admirer 22w

    I don't want you in my life anymore. I just got hurt pain and nothing. In a relationship if you need to think about your tune, words before speaking to your partner. Rather don't stay in such relationship. I never thought relationship would have such restrictions and limitations.

  • night_admirer 22w

    In the end of the day you are always alone. Everyone is temporary in your life.

  • night_admirer 23w

    I crave for a hug
    I wish i could lay on your lap
    I wish i could hold your hand and never let it go.
    All i want and need is you

    Only you
    You to be mine
    You to be one and only mine!!

  • night_admirer 25w

    Emotional pain are more dangerous than physical pain.

  • night_admirer 26w

    Idk why life gave it up to me,
    Even after knowing that I'm not strong enough to tackle this pain. This pain is becoming unbearable. I can't take it anymore. I only feel the oozing blood from my veins could compensate this pain.

  • night_admirer 27w

    Negativity is a choice!

  • night_admirer 27w

    A relationship is like the heartbeat of a person, there is always some sort of ups and downs in a relationship just like the heartbeat ��
    And when a relationship have no fights no ups and downs it is considered as a dead relationship! Just like a plain heartbeat indicate "no life".

    Also a relationship doesn't need any certificate of perfection, the thing that is important is that, two souls willing to stay together. ❤✨

    #love #relationship #fights #upsanddowns #heartbeat #perfectrelationship

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  • night_admirer 28w

    I knocked on death's door
    Knowing exactly what I was looking for.
    I offered myself up on a silver platter
    But it didn't meant any difference.
    Death send me back, even before i made it halfway,
    I don't want you here
    Please go away.
    I was forced back to life.
    Feeling pure agony
    As the pills i swallowed got heaved
    As the cuts on my body continued to bleed
    And the suicide note i wrote lay there mocking me
    But i cleaned myself up
    Pretending to be fine
    Because even when death doesn't wants you
    It strikes you deep inside
    Real hard!!

    #deathnote #sad #exhausted

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    I knocked on death's door
    Knowing exactly what i was looking for.

  • night_admirer 28w

    Unbreak the broken
    Find hope in the hopeless
    Unburn the ashes
    I'm not ready to die, not yet!
    Pull me out of the train wreck