In fabric of a poet,a logophile indeed! A lawyer by degree,a bibliophile by creed! An educator by profession, a philanthropist nurturing the seed!

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  • nigarrao 9w

    Happy Gurupurab ❤️

    May our eyes be won by empathy and be freed by blind hatred...
    May our hearts start feeling for others as for ourselves...
    May that bigotry lose and be taken over by humanness...
    May those arid zones of our hearts bloom in love and tenderness...
    Oh God of the Seven skies and this whole universe, Blessed be this day of light...
    Shower upon us the blessings of Love and peaceful co existence...

  • nigarrao 11w

    Aao hum sab Deewaali manaye!

    Aao hum sab deewali manaye!
    Na Ali ka BHED rahe na Ram ka BHAV,
    Na tera hai ye na wo mera rahe,
    Hum sabhi ki ho jaaye bas yahi ek naav,
    Rahe bhai chaara, na rahe bhed bhav!
    Aao hum sab Deewaali manaye!
    Yahi to hai Ram Raj, jo shabri ke ber bhagwan ne khaye,
    Wo prem wo aastha ki lau, aao hum sab apne dil me jalaye!
    Bhool kar sab dharm wa jaat-paat ke bandhan, aao hum sab Diwali manaye...
    Manaaye burai par acchai ki jeet,
    Dilon ke andhere mitane ki bana le nayi reet!
    Jal uthe hain deep ab andhera na hone paye,
    Ye dooriyon ke andhere aur gehre na hone paye!
    Aao hum sab milkar deewaali manaye!
    Aao hum sab milkar deewaali manaye!

  • nigarrao 23w

    75 years of Freedom: A happy note ❤️

    This day and that year back in 1947,
    We drove off the Brits and made it our heaven!
    With an effort common to one and all,
    No matter in what caste or creed or sect they fall!
    It's been 75 years and we've stood tall,
    We relish each wisp of free air as we recall!
    All those hearts that dreamt to see this rising sun,
    All on its own, On the soil where their urges burn,
    To be free and see the tricolour flag rise to take a turn,
    Unfurl the pride draped in a century's yearn!
    Happy Independence Day to all my brethren,
    let's just say it all together once, "I'm proud to be an Indian!"

  • nigarrao 29w

    You took it for granted!

    Have you ever realised?
    We end up crushing that loving heart out of sheer carelessness,
    That love is often mishandled out of that rude recklessness.
    That heart yearning for a mere smile of yours,
    Is often shut into vague smears...
    No..! Love need not be reciprocated with anything less than love...
    And empathy and love are divine traits descended from above...

  • nigarrao 35w

    Per Orationis!

    May patience be my companion and prayers my armoury...
    To cross the bridge that ultimately sets me free...

  • nigarrao 52w

    Long Live India! Long Live Indian Constitution!

    Happy Republic Day!

  • nigarrao 52w

    No matter if you're the only one, shine to the brightest of your potentials and you'll be startled to see the radiance!

  • nigarrao 55w

    Happy New year

    Another year rolled out, And we stand in ovation for the new one...
    All hopes tied and blessings sought,
    With hearts burning and glooms fought!
    Oh bestower of thou blessings,
    Oh perisher of the perishing,
    Oh healer of all wailings,
    Do ease our mortal dwellings!
    May this era of novelty brings in all the niceties,
    Of good health, good life and a just era of equalities!
    Happy New year 2021❤️

  • nigarrao 65w

    Happy Dussehra!
    Enjoy the day of victory..
    May we come out victorious over the evils creeping within.. That creepy fear telling us that we may fail, a foul ego strangulating the humble me and the venom of insatiable desire that makes my brain rule my heart..
    Fight the evil head on!
    Let the fear famish...
    Feel the freedom to be human.. Not perfect but Good!

    #mirakee#dussehra#writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork @mann_se_ @odysseus

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    Happy Dussehra!


  • nigarrao 65w

    Doors aren't bad!

    Each door can be unlocked,
    No matter how stubborn or blocked.
    Just reach out with faith,
    And your polite words with humble gestures will plunder the scaith!