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  • nifesthoughts 2w

    Old happy self

    How time flies!
    Old happy self, I'm sure you're happy now
    Leaving me with my new sad self that anchors nothing but pain.
    Old happy self, don't forget me
    Come back someday as I live in anguish in my new sad self.
    Never mind, I'd find something like you in my new sad self.
    More better than you old happy self.
    What fantasy!
    I did think I was once happy.
    There was never an old happy self
    I always was sad,
    There was never an Old Happy self
    As it has always been me and my old sad self.

  • nifesthoughts 6w

    Broken forever

    My crayon broke as I tried to draw a better version of myself,
    I was almost there till they broke,
    It was the last crayon I held,
    My last hope!
    Now a better me would never be born
    I'm stuck to this me
    I can't do this anymore
    Why? Why always me?!
    I give up!!!!

  • nifesthoughts 19w

    B4 you blame me.

    I came to his place with good intentions
    He was the one with the bad intentions
    Well how would I know the dirty thoughts of his hearts
    You blame me but don't see this.

    We talked for a while and he came closer
    I shifted back, but, the more closer he came
    I tried to talk him out but his eyes screamed pleasure.
    He was just a filthy horny bastard.

    Stop, stop I said
    "I won't" was his reply that disgusted my ears
    You see what the dirty bastard did
    He raped me and made the world blame me.

    Fuck you!
    This poem is for that girl that said No!

  • nifesthoughts 29w

    Many of us are scared of alot of things not repeating itself, we all have fears that we never want to feel.

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    Haunted and scared

    Haunted by the ghost of my past again!
    The terrible pains, I suffered in your hands,
    Comforted only in the pools of my tears,
    I'll never forget, the horrible words you spoke.

    I'm scared as I know you'll come,
    Wanting more from me than before
    How I'll escape your sinful ways I seek
    To make me free from you, I hope.

    Memories, as I clutched to you and begged I see,
    From the mirror of the pains I feel,
    The memories of How I peeled my wounds and cried,
    You stood there looking, How unkind.

    Please don't come to me oh ghost, for I detest your awful sight,
    For i've lived in fright Oh Ghost of my past!
    I'll rather shoot myself and die!
    Than experience the horrible moment with you twice!

  • nifesthoughts 30w

    Tears in the rain

    With claws, like that of a cat,
    I scratched the walls angrily,
    A question of Why? You might ask?
    I had to let it all out, oh surprised!?
    For it was a perpetual pain never to be felt again.

    I have flaws but I wear a hat,
    To cover all the shames I do have,
    The constant pain, I start to feel
    That makes me pale or day long,
    I rather cry in the rain, than bear this pain again.

    So I told myself on this day,
    Never cry again,or you'll cry in vain,
    For No one cares if you live in pain
    In the rain, we'll wash our sins away,
    And stay alive, so that we are seen.

  • nifesthoughts 30w


    Something is changing,
    Finally, A new Nigeria is awoken!
    We've torn out our cloak of fear,
    We're unimaginably making this happen,
    A new beginning!
    Her new independence!
    A year to remember!

  • nifesthoughts 44w

    I miss you

    My hands misses the touch of its pen,
    Haven't thought about you for so long now,
    The thought of how you make me feel,
    How you ease my pain,
    The noise I make through my thought,
    All because I think of you,
    And put down my thoughts.
    It's been a while my friend,
    Since I last wrote a thought
    That bothers my mind all long.
    I miss you my dear friend,
    I so miss my pen on papers.

  • nifesthoughts 47w


    How many times do we have to tell you animals!
    Don't you have any regrets each day of what you do!
    I can't do anything to save my kind, but I write to your kind everyday it's so sad!
    Why can't I walk on the street without being scared?
    That's Cause I see you there.

    You pin me down!
    Your hands over my mouth, no way to breath in air.
    You become so wild and dangerous I so fear,
    And like an animal you hurt me harshly!

    Don't you see
    Can't you see, how bad I want this to end?!
    Look at me! Don't you understand?
    I hate what you do to me!
    You irritate me with your acts, and I can't do anything to fight.
    Which is why I write to you everyday,
    Hoping that someday, one-day, you'll listen to my voice!
    And that when you do! You change for good.


  • nifesthoughts 48w

    I love you. I hate you.

    Love that turned hate,
    The story I should never tell,
    The love we once shared,
    The one I'll never dare,
    Love that became fear,
    How did it happen dear?!

  • nifesthoughts 49w


    Let me tell you a story,
    Of a sad world we live in,
    It'll be quick,
    It'll be brief,
    When I'm done, memorize,
    Ponder on them, and lend me your thoughts,
    Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Don't be scared!
    I'll tell you that, but really be terrified.
    For the world we live in is in danger!