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  • nidifice_dweller 15w

    Note to self

    Life will always be a juxtaposition of the calm and the chaotic...
    During chaos, marvel at your own strength and ability to endure,
    And learn to live your life to the fullest in those momentary respites.

  • nidifice_dweller 32w

    Slowly but surely
    The memories will grow amorphous and old
    The nights will no longer be tormenting and cold

    Slowly and steadily
    The days will be filled with purpose and sunshine
    And as I rest my head on the pillow at night,
    The ever elusive peace shall be mine.

  • nidifice_dweller 35w

    Profoundly grateful for the repost @writersnetwork
    #pod #wod #beauty

    This is the tale of two sisters.

    The first sister was often misunderstood, overlooked and ignored. But she was incredibly sincere and steadfast.Those who looked at her long enough couldn't forget her intrinsic luminescence and undeniable allure. There was peace to be found in her company, and yet the second sister was the favoured one.
    Sometimes she used to look at her sibling and wonder why everyone always noticed her sister and not her.

    The second sister was dazzling and very pleasing to the eye. The moment people saw her, they were riveted. They sought her company more often than that of her sister. Nary a man was immune to her charms. Her appeal was ubiquitous.
    People fought for her company. And so wherever she went...there was chaos.
    But she was a slave to time...never able to stay anywhere for long.
    Her name was Pulchritude.
    And her lesser known sister, the firstborn was Beauty.

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    Tale of two sisters

    I am the most misconceived concept on this earth.
    I am invisible to the casual eye.
    So do not make futile attempts to search for me
    In buxom forms, symmetrical faces, perfect shoulders, toned bodies and so forth.
    But there are still ways to discover me...

    Find me in the heart of a selfless mother,
    Or in the eyes of a gentle yet overprotective brother
    Seek me in the devoted arms of true love,
    Only the insightful will perceive me.

    I am Beauty,
    Like the ether, elusive and serene
    Beyond this realm of flesh and bones
    I was created to be felt, not seen.

  • nidifice_dweller 37w

    #mirakee #january

    Dear January
    ~You disappeared like sugar crystals in water,
    Slowly reducing to nothingness with each subsequent stir~
    You remind each soul to seize the day and be the author,
    Tis your life and you mustn't waste it in an avaricious blur
    Rest awhile and calm the disquietude within you
    In this wondrous vessel of time you'll find new joy, of a different hue

    Oh how I long for everyone to see your untarnished beauty
    Wiping away the debris of yesteryear
    You are a most clever concoction of Chronos
    Bestowed upon us to usher in newfound hopes and celebrations.

    Though you are long gone now
    Your sweetness still remains fresh in my memories
    Etched into my sinews, showing me the light through the pain
    So for now I rest assured, knowing that soon you'll be here once more
    And we may all revel together and begin again.

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    Ode to january


  • nidifice_dweller 37w

    Apologies for the expletive.

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    Myriad times i picked up the pen, in my defense
    But damned if i knew what to write
    Lost in a humdrum sisyphean existence
    My mind had forgotten its ability to take flight.

    Where words used to sing and dance
    In a resonant, sonorous symphony
    Now all is quiet in an unforeseen circumstance
    Except at night, when pandemonium breaks free.

    I cleave the weedy walls of inhibitions everywhere
    Sometimes i bleed, but i ignore the pain
    Reaching out to the muses, with utmost care
    I endeavor to write, but all in vain.

    At last I descry a luminous, elusive wisp
    And as I take solace in its familiar glow and shine
    Hope stirs a zephyr, light and crisp
    Atleast for tonight inspiration will be mine.

  • nidifice_dweller 46w

    There are times
    When I feel so old and jaded and exhausted
    That I don't need success, fame, romance or love
    I simply want peace

  • nidifice_dweller 50w

    I'd rather be called stupid for trying,
    Rather than a coward for not trying.

  • nidifice_dweller 51w


    Ask me three questions
    I will answer truthfully

  • nidifice_dweller 51w

    Staying true to yourself is success


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    Honing one's idiosyncratic talents is success.

  • nidifice_dweller 52w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Prism

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    Her downfall was her prism of intense emotions