wanderlust perfectly imperfect not a writer, addicted to nature

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  • nicolerachel1997 3w

    Forever Yours....

    Weaved in the thread of love
    In your hug, my heart melts
    My beloved, be my wizard
    For your charm I fall upon
    Let your spell cast only on me
    You are my forever poetry
    That I inked down in my soul
    Seasons change
    You and me may grow old
    But the thing that is constant
    Is our love
    Which is carved in the stars
    Forever and ever


  • nicolerachel1997 8w


    A fascinated child opens his eyes to the world
    Then the society comes to advise him
    Puts him in the rat race 
    Thus, originality and revolution fades
    As he grows,he understands
    the world is a mirage
    So, he now advises the young after him
    Excite like the bud that blooms slowly
    Out of the failures you encounter
    Don’t be the one among them
    Wait for a space
    For tomorrow can be your maze
    Education should be the prescription
    To irradicate sufferings of the world
    And not a fool in a circus
    To envelope your mind with new ideas
    As a fully bloomed flower with all its beauty

  • nicolerachel1997 8w

    Furry Friend

    Happy cat snuggled warmly
    Upon the leather sofa he sat
    Comfortable in his fur
    Full of zest he purrs away
    All he need is a cuddle
    Entwined your paws in mine
    With a twitch of his whiskers
    Making himself center of my attraction
    Meaw ! tuned more like love
    Such a pure soul
    He is my lovely cat


  • nicolerachel1997 9w


    As she walked through the beach lucid as the waves hit the shore, at the end she could see the same lighthouse from her childhood. Endured different seasons and time holding the legacy of a vintage status. I do believe everyone has a lighthouse inside them, painted in vintage soft hues of their childhood warmth as it slowly fades like lyrics in a cassette locked up in radios of our souls. She grew up into a beautiful woman that can withstand the strong tides like the lighthouse. The orange-pinkish sky at the background of the lighthouse made the sight a romantic yet serene atmosphere. She crept through the long circular stairs with the same enthusiasm she had as a child. At once she reached the top as if she conquered the world. The breathlessness marked her happiness as she gulped the fresh air around her greedly while watching the waves embrace the sun as he bids goodbye until tomorrow.

  • nicolerachel1997 10w

    Loved One

    All those times we peeked at each other
    You and me, stumbled but twirled in love
    I don't want to let you go yet, my beloved
    Let me cling to your scent leisurely
    I am way too scared of this commitment
    With a soft sigh gripping on to our hope
    We held our arms closely in one another
    Love embarked in the stain of our lips
    Like the poles that glistened with current
    As we shared glances of our touch
    You are the fireplace that ignites me
    I knew, you are my never ending poetry
    That I search in billion swallowing galaxies


  • nicolerachel1997 55w

    I look at myself
    when I am bursting inside
    I try to find my peace
    I long to bloom
    With a heart of sunlight.

  • nicolerachel1997 57w

    The moon knew their secret meetings,
    stars paved their way ahead.
    The wind grimmed at their shyness
    and carelessly embraced them,
    branches swayed in chilled air
    and sung a song just for them,
    dewy grasses became their bed.
    Laying there for hours
    they searched among the spaces
    for a shooting star to pass by
    And make their wishes come true.


  • nicolerachel1997 73w

    O' Rain

    O' rain
    Your soothing cold winds
    teases my temper
    you fall on me with
    sublimity and
    you pacify my pace by
    drowning into you.

  • nicolerachel1997 75w

    You are the moon that shines upon me
    and I am the sky that possessed the moon
    You are the star sprinkling lovedust
    May the universe be our bed where
    we make love wildly to one another
    that even the planets get jealous of us.

  • nicolerachel1997 76w

    Earth is burning while power and lust grinned at each other. Listen to the wails of her burning heart for it cries like a damsel in distress to be saved.