Lil Panic Attack

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  • ngalyon87 19w

    Bad Vibes

    I'm a monster call me the yeti
    I'm shooting up some fetty
    Like it's some fucking confetti
    I said im down for my setty
    I'm so very ready
    Needle in hand
    Hit that vein nice and steady
    Bitch I know this is deadly
    Sometimes I can be petty
    Suicide on my mind
    I only fly high
    High up in the sky
    Oh my
    Do or die
    ride or die
    I'll slide right by while you catch you a bullet in the eye
    I can't lie
    And no I'm not smoking the loud
    I'm a fiend but I'm still proud
    I don't want to ever come down
    So hand me the crown
    King shit all around
    All of the pussy I wanna pound
    Then I slide right on out of the town
    Without even a sound
    I don't fuck around boy
    I'll lay your body on the ground

  • ngalyon87 19w

    Bury me


  • ngalyon87 70w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Ambition

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    Come with me, hail Mary. Come quick see.

  • ngalyon87 70w

    Tonight Escape's Tomorrow

    Sitting in my room I wait
    For the fear to dissipate
    My emotions are overlapping
    I'm loosing traction
    Unable to breath or relax
    Paranoid is my mindset
    Words flow through me
    I can't pinpoint the sadness
    I can't justify the madness
    I can't erase the tragedies
    Please can you hear me
    The dark is sinking into me
    My body is covered
    Gasping for air is all I know
    Memories are escaping my mind
    Terror is gripping me now
    Death can be very peaceful
    Inject the energy into me
    Watch as I break free
    No longer who I used to be

  • ngalyon87 119w

    Prisoner's intentions

    Artificial is the chemical that I seek.
    Tragedy is far as the eye can see.
    Death found its way inside of me.
    Killing the chance to have planted the seed.
    Injecting this poison is my own disease
    Ice cold my body instantly starts to freeze.
    The shivering is everlasting
    I have nowhere to flee.
    It's what I need so please just leave me be.
    Precious and the cost to me is free
    Unlike the very air I breath
    Ive gone insane
    This rage cuts me until I breed.
    Heavens gate is covered in bloodstains
    My fate is sealed once ive done the deed
    I hope to see my God
    I beg of you screaming as I plead.

  • ngalyon87 119w

    Living Dead

    Against the stormy gusts of winter's day

    Rolling my greedy eyeballs in my own head

    A quest of thoughts, all tenants to the heart

    Which I am lacking like the supposed dead

    That all the world besides me thinks I have fled

    Dearest Wife, in the interest of thy own bed

    Why should your beauty be so indirectly sought

    But just as the living dead I sit still and think.