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  • neversandforevers 55w

    When scared to loose something
    Let go
    Let go of that fear
    And witness magic

  • neversandforevers 55w

    They said,
    "The most beautiful art is
    looking into someone's eyes
    when they talk about the
    things they love."
    And I said,
    "Or looking at someone you love.
    Or maybe, just maybe,
    by looking at the mirror
    is the most beautiful art
    anyone could appreciate."

  • neversandforevers 56w

    Sometimes, a big change brings pain.
    Accepting and working through it
    Must be a priority.

  • neversandforevers 72w

    I search for home
    I don't find it.
    I need home.
    But where is it.

  • neversandforevers 76w

    Don't procrastinate
    For the sand is running swiftly through the hourglass
    For every idle word
    For every idle thought
    Is time that will never be resumed
    The sand is chasing
    Running speedily, Slipping hastefully
    And there is more sand at the bottom of the hourglass than at the top
    Make haste
    Do what you have to do, and do it well
    No second chances
    Until all the sand has run through
    And the value of your sand of life shall be weighed up
    Don't be slow at doing good
    Don't say tomorrow
    For we only have today

  • neversandforevers 76w

    i hope that every evening, your
    hands cradle a tired
    face, that your legs find themselves warm and

    that you have the freedom to
    kiss those hands,
    palms, knuckles,

    trace scars and forgive straying from the path,
    rub shoulders and hold til it's all right.

    to know
    that it's okay to feel this way,
    it isn't a sin to breathe this way,
    it's okay to Be
    in this way.

    i pray that you can love yourself at night.

  • neversandforevers 77w

    forever still doesnt feel long enough when it comes to you.

  • neversandforevers 77w

    All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.
    J.R.R. Tolkien

  • neversandforevers 77w

    We're not just made of love,
    We're not just made of despair,
    You're not just one broken piece,
    You're a unique person,
    Made up of multiple pieces,
    It's just that, sometimes our pieces are put together wrong by others, or by yourself,
    But that's okay,
    Because we can change the pattern of our pieces, we can change who we are, for the better,
    Or for the worse.
    It's simply up to you,
    On how you change your pieces

  • neversandforevers 77w


    who are you
    to stand in my way so steadily
    said the woodpecker
    to the tree