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  • nethaspeakzzz 18w


    I never thought I would be writing you this letter.
    If destiny could still throw us back to our time I'll never write this again. I don't want to.
    Unfortunately, we ourselves planted some weeds in our lawn along with our roses. Now when I walk through our bubble, I really find nothing left to hold onto. Stems but not leaves Thorns but not Roses!! Everything lost it's life and so our love.
    There's is this famous line which goes, "It is time to call it a QUIT and walk off in our separate ways" and I think it's time now. Lmao! I know you already killed and buried this QUIT. It's me still holdin'.
    You remember, how many times we blamed us? how many times have we said enough is enough and I don't want to see your face again just to make more Love, more hugs and many more kisses. Luckily for you, this time I'm letting this off and I'm never coming back again.
    Inevitably, there are many moments, many things and many places that mean so much to both of us or maybe only for me.
    It's been months I've using your chat just to write my whole day there and at the other end, I guess you never even bothered about your blocked chats. You remember baby? We used to count our total number of texts on whatsapp just to make the number bigger and bigger everyday. How lovely that was? Or how silly it was for you?

    I promise I'll stop creating new accounts on instagram just to text you a 'Hi'. I'll make my heart more strong to not to watch your whstapp last seen from my dad's phone. I promise, I'll stop asking all our mutual friends to text you to know your mental health. My phone looks empty without your pictures, without your laughs. Even Gmail feels weightless without your mail ID logged in. Lmao!

    I'm truly sorry if this decision cause you any pain. I know it won't even tilt you heart! Lmao
    Trust me, It's not going to be easy for me to handle. Definitely someday you'll agree that this was the right step I took. Whatever happens, I wish you the best for everything in your beautiful life. Please do remember that I do love you and every part of this body always will.
    Let me be honest for the one last time,
    All those words I wrote above were not from heart but, from brain. My HEART will always and definitely chose you no matter what!!
    I truly wish you the best of luck and happiness in your life with your job, with your family, and with finding a new love
    Adieu my love

  • nethaspeakzzz 35w

    You took a part of me
    And I let you take the other half
    Don't come back again
    This time I'll feel sorry coz I have nothing to give

  • nethaspeakzzz 36w

    This time it's a lovely present to live for ......

    This magical word will change its place in heart and mind from time to time yet, it is the most beautiful thing one will experience

    First love happens like you don't even know when you fell for her
    All of a sudden,
    Those secret good-byes, those long-long talks, those casual hugs will suddenly vibrate in your mind and with a heavy smile your heart asks "oops! Is this Love?" If not, then what's the point in saying a secret goodbye with some enthusiasm?
    Hello my day dreamer. Stop going back to school life.
    It was just a lovely past to sit back and laugh for!!

    This time bro,
    You know what is love? , What is society?, drama, dance, Etcetera etcetera
    Till now you're a good looking angry boy who is very afraid and shy to talk with girls
    Then comes this college life to teach you real love.
    You'll feel it the both ways!
    This might have turned you into a gentleman.
    If you look back, those 3-5 years of relationship was full of emotions and fights.
    Hello beautiful, stop crying this time!!
    It's done and dusted
    It was just a beautiful past to sit back and smile for!!

    And now,
    You know all the shades of love
    All the colours of society
    All the positions of sex
    All the wisdom in and out of books(This will never be an "All" tho)
    All responsibilities
    How to be kind Etcetera etcetera..
    Most importantly, you know how to love. How to live in love. This time you don't have to chose her. After all these many hard day's god will definitely send you that one girl into your life. Don't yell at her if you don't get fast replies even no reply too.
    Treat her like a queen, tease HER, not her heart. Gift her chocolates 7 days a week. It's ok even if it's the small one.
    Kiss her randomly.
    Give her freedom and always keep an eye on her surroundings.
    This time it's a beautiful present to live for ....

    you only live once. You dream everyday

  • nethaspeakzzz 38w


    I can be your biggest Enemy If my pH levels are between 1-7
    And you are the world's best student if you control me between 7-14(pH)

  • nethaspeakzzz 41w

    Be loyal to your heart

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    I can break loyalty with my heart for you MY FOREVER

  • nethaspeakzzz 48w

    ANGER is different from HATE

    When you miss someone, it's "ANGER"
    If you're not missing from that same someone, it's "HATE"

  • nethaspeakzzz 50w

    You have your rack filled with lots of multilingual books teaching all the 137 powerful lessons of life

    None of them taught you
    "How to stay"

  • nethaspeakzzz 50w

    It's like, Almost all the 600 muscles of our body are off duty "Exploring the eternal peace"
    This Overthinker is still on his way for picnic spot
    Oops! I came here leaving my only friend ANGER home
    It's not HUMANITY to always carry him with you
    Soul? Yeah, he's still helping that lone girl reaching home safe
    LOVE roaming around those souls who betrayed
    THIRST, HUNGER were broken AF near a small hut in silicon valley
    DEATH nearing him saying,

  • nethaspeakzzz 55w

    In this world, where cheating someone became hobby to many
    I want someone whose hobby is ' SPENDING TIME WITH ME'

  • nethaspeakzzz 55w

    How can I describe you?

    You're that Naughty girl with an Irate behaviour!
    Rabid love yet, Obtuse in understanding this idiot.
    Silly, Hard-hearted with moisture full of love.
    In this dream which is Abloom
    first with LOVE, now with the other guy!!