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  • nessa_writess 21w

    Do Art

    When an Art is encouraged it unfolds a striking ability of the mind

  • nessa_writess 42w

    Everything you want wants you!
    Read that again!
    You just have to stay in alignment and manifest it

  • nessa_writess 43w


    A sorry tear can't compensate the broken,
    Few drops of tear can't tell the story,
    If only you could put on my shoes and take a walk,
    Then you will know where its itching,
    Hard to heal, not easy to endure.

    Should I take the easy way?
    Taking this shoes off and walking bare footed,
    But the stones won't spare my feet nor the sun that heats up the path.

    At first I get to walk smoothly, along the way it becomes rough,
    I'd rather put on this shoes and bear it all,
    Even though the journey with it is filled with pain and hardship,Happiness and rejoicing comes after which the shoe bug is gone.

  • nessa_writess 73w

    By Vanessa Onwuka

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    Baby Cocoa Butter

    Cocoa Butter
    Filled with sugar
    Sweet me inner
    Love me tender,

    The world seems creepier
    Your beauty makes it brighter
    Draw you closer
    Closer to make me warmer.

  • nessa_writess 90w

    Dear Self

    I know you struggle sometimes but incase I don't tell you enough, you are beautiful, thank you for being so strong and transparent, the world sees you even when you feel invisible.
    I appreciate your heart and stubbornness, your willingness to love even after being discarded and forgotten is admirable, I'm so proud to know that you've grown to acknowledge your worth.
    With Love,


  • nessa_writess 125w


    Love is..... . Addictive
    Love is a drug. You feel it in kisses
    You share it in hugs. Love is contagious
    Love has no cure it affects everyone
    The rich and the poor......... . Love is a
    Prayer. Love is a place:love
    It is out there waiting
    For me

  • nessa_writess 127w

    Shiftless & Hyperactive

    -If you have finished doing what you are not meant to do
    You have failed,
    -But if you have failed to do what you are meant to do
    You are finished.

  • nessa_writess 130w


    Life is a cross
    Carry it and live
    Ignore it and bleed