shards of my heart.

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  • neptune_nightingale 4w

    nothing but black

    who am i?
    look in the mirror, find a ghost
    trapped in limbo
    that spent all summer sleepwalking,
    that kissed monsters after dusk
    just trying to tongue the taste of death,
    that crawled back to bed every night
    with a chasm between her ribs
    and closed her eyes filled with static,
    deaf ears ringing black

  • neptune_nightingale 8w

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    i need you, sometimes too much

    curled up
    in a ball
    on the bathroom floor

    i feel you
    shake me awake
    from a bad dream
    with my eyes

  • neptune_nightingale 11w

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    l u n a r i a

    I love
    when the moon smiles so bright,
    she makes the night sky feel like
    a home you can walk into.
    when streets washed silver turn to ice
    by her touch, and suddenly
    the whole world is frozen
    and you could go anywhere,
    and you could be anyone

    I love
    when the moon is a ghost
    dreaming in the shadows,
    when she lets night wrap the world
    in a black velvet blanket;
    the perfect canvas
    for painting stars onto.

    when she's the kind of darkness you can get lost in.

  • neptune_nightingale 36w

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    (if she’s gone)

    time will tell, if she still
    feels right
    about her
    she’s not doubting her,
    girl is just scared.. it’s her first time
    falling in love

    it’s not obsession, it’s more like her smile,
    her everything...
    she’s holding her close,
    but her mind
    is letting go
    the words that she whispers,
    they’re from her heart

    how can this girl prove her wrong?
    that some things do last forever
    just like a bird, that mates once in its life
    but dies..

  • neptune_nightingale 39w

    you’re suffering, and I’m not going to leave you.
    you’re struggling, and I’m here with you.
    I love you, and you’re not alone.

  • neptune_nightingale 40w

    please, i don’t know where I’m going
    it’s enough if you just hold me
    i know keeping my secrets will darken my soul
    but it hurts to even think about it.

    you never know just how long our lives will last
    or just how much you’ll still want to be here tomorrow.

    sometimes i can’t breathe,
    sometimes i want to tear my throat open,
    crawl out of my skin and shut my eyes
    until i can’t see anything but black,
    i just want to stop thinking,
    i just want everything to stop

    but silence is so loud

  • neptune_nightingale 80w


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    san junipero

    it’s 1am beneath the blacklights,
    i’m drowning in a sea of people.
    I step outside to watch the street rain fall
    and realize nothing moves.

    you looked past my eyes
    and saw me for who I really was.

    take me to the other end of the city
    where no one wants to go.
    where the sighing ocean is the sound of our breathing
    and the tide smoothes over skin instead of sand.
    where no one knows the difference between you and me.

    and though time rushes past and the wind is never the same
    I shall not change.

    ( stay here with me )

  • neptune_nightingale 92w

    summer girl living on the edge of my dreams,
    I can’t see your face just yet
    I lay next to you in the soft grass, tracing our fingertips..

    you’re teasing me always
    and sometimes, I chase after you
    you slip your hands into mine and we dance in the fluttering shadows, where cool streams whisper so soft beneath trees.
    we’re falling, rolling over hills and each other laughing, laying over each other, excitement turned soft and quiet, breath turned honeyed and anxious

    /I’m scared./
    /if I open my eyes
    how do I know you won’t disappear?/

    /you, summer nymph, always hiding
    within the pockets of my consciousness
    how do I know you’re real?/

    but there is no reply,
    for she is the fading warmth of a summer daydream
    and I visit her in the haze of a dream I cannot remember
    when I wake up.

  • neptune_nightingale 96w

    come along, little dream weaver
    you must join us too soon

    I know,
    already, I can see your tears not yet shed,
    frozen starlight on your lashes
    awaiting the shatter of your eyes opening

    but please, I need you here
    take my hand, we’ll set a course
    that engraves ‘starbound’ into our souls

    and I promise, this time
    I’ll paint your cheeks with the light I couldn’t reach

    because you are the beginning
    that I will never remember,
    that I will spend the rest of my life
    longing for

  • neptune_nightingale 104w

    [will never be red anymore]

    in a quiet way
    i watched myself die, helpless to the way
    my limbs were softly spasming,
    dying nerves still firing off but the fight
    already done and over
    the corpse being ripped open
    jostling subtly
    with the movement of gray skin torn too easily,
    the black filth spilling out not even red anymore