On a journey to accept myself the way I am. Putting words together, as a gift, to heal a jam.

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  • nemesis_here 2h

    Why does she walks in white on this path full of colors?

    'Cause it's the color of utopian innocence, a pure soul, a bijoux rarely found.


  • nemesis_here 2h

    What made you fall for me?

    It's the color Umber of your hair,
    wavy, untied, locks on your forehead,
    flowing freely in air,
    under this sunshine,
    full of power, charm and valiance.


  • nemesis_here 1d


    Something horrible was said
    And I know you had to let it all out
    All that was bottled inside you
    Like water in a dam, with no outlet,
    And nowhere to flow
    I know it had to be done
    For the dam could fall otherwise
    I realise you didn't really mean it
    And it was only meant to be a fleeting thought
    Which you somehow captured in your heart
    And it stuck, in a place that wasn't its home
    It stuck and rust came next
    I know you never would've said that
    If I didn't force you to
    But it's better this way
    I hope you'd feel free now
    After that burden finally got off your chest.

    Let's fight and curse each other with all our might
    'Cause we've got to know each other well
    But then let's love each other like madmen
    In places our hearts both dwell.


  • nemesis_here 3d

    My Nepenthe

    Even if my poem doesn't rhyme
    I can't stop now
    I've picked up this pen again
    after years of struggle
    after knowing its real value
    And writing has become
    my nepenthe now
    My emotions, my thoughts
    all my fights, my pain,
    and the scars beneath this skin
    I hide secretly in these stanzas
    Hoping that no one would
    never really know
    how much hurt and
    how much meaning
    do these lines hold
    My story that lies
    enveloped in these poems
    My heart, knives and shields
    that I've used all my life
    concealed underneath
    every word I write
    these are the elixirs,
    not the rhyme and the rhythm,
    that give life and
    substance to all my
    dead inked words
    I've known what it means to write
    and I've realised the freedom
    it brings with it
    So, I'd say it proudly
    even if my poetries are
    nowhere close to
    anyone's expectations
    I just can't not write.


  • nemesis_here 4d

    Wrote something after a week!

    #imagery #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    We're Sorry

    They sent me a vanilla cake
    A sign of an apology
    Along with a card saying "We're Sorry"
    The cake, so white,
    pulled me all the way
    It had a flower made of
    strawberry slices at the centre, array
    The soothing, exotic scent of vanilla
    teased my nostrils
    And the choco chips sprinkled over
    nowhere near any perils
    A superb combination of white, red and brown
    I wanted to gulp it at once, how could I frown
    Taking hold of a butter knife
    I moved towards it
    It was calling out to me
    So I cut it
    Two cuts I gave it
    And it gave me a piece
    The thick cream all over
    my hands now, like a sheep's fleece
    I picked the pie
    Smelled the fruity vanillin scent, then
    I closed my eyes
    I opened my mouth
    and took my first bite
    Oh goodness! that taste
    So heavenly, so yummy,
    Sweetness of fresh cream I sensed
    with luscious, spongy core
    Chocolates melting in my mouth
    with that juicy, tangy taste of strawberries
    Oh so sugary and rich in flavour
    I took another bite
    That I could savour
    I opened my eyes and
    admired how beautifully
    the cake was adorned
    how sweet and fruity its smell
    and how delicious its taste was
    But wait... what's this?
    Why is the scene in front
    blurring before me?
    What is this ringing sound
    that I hear now?
    Why are my eyes watery?
    and why is everything around moving?
    No...wait...I think I'm falling down
    Slowly now
    I think I'm lying on the floor now
    my eyes are closed
    hands and feet numb
    I can't speak
    Did I ate something wrong?
    Maybe a poisonous apology?


  • nemesis_here 2w

    #katuata #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Get Up Hon

    You're a poor thing and
    pitiful, miserable
    all things bad in the world

    Only you suffer
    from them in the end, what's with
    this victim mentality?

    Get up hon, It's time
    to do something, not to sit
    in a corner and

    cry for life but just
    smile for what you have, honey
    You're not insignificant

    Not invisible
    or powerless, look around
    You're capable of turning

    This world upside-down
    Get up hon, do it today
    what you wanna do the most

    Do it today, that
    what scares you the most, get up!
    pick yourself up, anyhow

    You're not a victim
    But don't be an assailant
    either, It's just life

    We all go through it
    Stories different for all,
    tough equally to survive

    Get up hon, write a
    future irresistible,
    rosy, bright, down with this pen

    Get up hon, you'll see
    a new pretty world ahead
    once you come out of your den.


  • nemesis_here 2w

    Hurt, Waiting

    I know
    the letters I wrote to you
    that I tore and threw
    will never find you
    Still I wish
    You'd know where I am
    You'd find me
    I wait for you
    to come and take me
    home, I wish
    You would look at me
    but once
    knocked out on the floor
    and see my blood
    my tears
    bathing me
    all so wrenching
    like a fist clenched
    in my heart
    like a fist that hit
    my face
    like a foot that
    kicked me in belly
    lying, clothes torn,
    badly hurt
    and injured
    on the floor, dirty
    and greasy
    and so cold.


  • nemesis_here 2w

    Open Door

    After around a year
    and a half
    I opened the door
    to my room today
    Opened all the windows
    facing east
    The fresh breeze rushed
    past my cheeks
    felicitating me
    for overcoming that period
    black black
    which held me back
    for a very long time
    A bird came to sit
    At my doorstep
    where a plant stood tall
    It grew so well
    when I wasn't around
    They smiled at me
    calling for my victory
    Now that I opened the door
    My room looks bigger
    maybe infinite
    I'm no longer
    to four walls inside
    The sunlight heavenly
    danced and reflected
    from the floors
    made my room
    shine shine
    with a yellow light
    everywhere around
    it felt so new
    it felt so serene
    and so warm
    and so cold.


  • nemesis_here 2w

    Down Goes The Sun

    When the world is all set
    for destruction
    When the doom can be sensed
    in the air
    When people around are
    tired of life
    When feelings are just
    When there's no control
    over anything that lives
    When nobody has
    spare time
    When the sparkling eyes
    turn dull
    When bright faces
    lose their grace
    When beautiful smiles around
    start vanishing
    When love in us
    When hatred in our hearts
    starts blooming
    When we turn into
    living deads
    That's when the sun sets
    To give us a chance
    to restart it all
    To give us a chance
    to make everything right
    He fights for us
    against our virulence
    He takes all the miseries
    sadness and ill-fate
    down with him
    He goes down to
    make us climb
    He goes down to
    give us more time
    And then he rises again
    to see if the world
    for all that he


  • nemesis_here 2w


    They'd tell on you
    And then
    they'd tell you off
    Maybe they can't
    tell apart
    what's freedom and
    what's captivity
    Should we then wait
    doing nothing?
    Should we then
    keep suffering?
    Can we not just
    Is this really
    only time can tell?