Just started for my piece of mind, Marketing later✨

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  • neha_nash 12w

    I'm so moody always to be good

    Smile, Laugh!������������������

    Hey, you yes you!! Turn it into Good mood.��

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    Everyday is a Good Day,
    As we learn new lesson everyday,
    which would turn good for the future.

  • neha_nash 13w

    This happened, I was just thinking ��

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    A Short Story

    I was just learning a poem,
    They are scared petrified of me writing a book.

  • neha_nash 13w

    Be happy ��

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    Girl Of Now

    Be true to yourself and to your gender.
    And if there is one person of the opposite gender, respecting you.
    Then, please don't leave them.
    At the end, people want to listen what they want to or else they don't deserve any of your words.

  • neha_nash 16w

    Hey girl! You are welcome to knock my door.
    Girls if a Girl needs your back give him and don't share anything about her breakout.

    Between few lines are from, We Can't Stop- Miley Cyrus

    God will send you his super wings. So, for atleast for one person you will be called, SUPER-WOMEN ����

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    Dear Girl

    Who are being misunderstood and have a hard time inside themselves.
    Or to my home girl just trying to live it up, shaking it like they can't get enough.
    Remember only God can judge us forget the haters cause somebody loves you.

    I am a girl beside you on whom you can put your head and just break-out whatever.

    I am not a man but yeah! I will handle you like them cause you need someone to just believe blindly and I am all ears for you.

  • neha_nash 20w

    I'm amused by my brain. Have a nice day writters. ✨����

    It took me years to write this up from mind.
    Patt on the back ����

    #thoughts #irreplacable_pen #never_erased #bravemove

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    Friendship is bond that when experienced in first hand it cannot be forgiven.
    And if hurts you want to fight on it over and over again.

  • neha_nash 20w

    Random tales ��

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    Unknown Storyline

    Don't fight with those who already have Hudge line of enemies and also when they are not successful yet.

  • neha_nash 21w

    I just made this up!! ����

    But it is a fact.

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    Never Judge

    Some people are so much hurt in life,
    That they have being used to it.
    So, if a random person is giving you love.
    Just respecting you too much.
    Don't Judge them. Respect them.

  • neha_nash 22w

    Stop hurting Please ��

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    Dear Humans

    Start becoming humble,
    Why are you hurting others,
    Who don't know what you are and who you are,
    Please let that child smile.
    Instead of arms start using flowers.

  • neha_nash 26w

    We will be more happier and we can be happy now too, it is just the perspective.

    Thoughts of night ✨

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    I was busy yesterday,
    I am reflecting today,
    I will be doing something else tomorrow.
    Nothing is permanent.
    Yes it will pass.

  • neha_nash 28w

    Let us begin✨

    I am back would we grow exponentially after this?
    All in the hands of future

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    The Days and Nights are going to turn all time On & Off.

    But never forget to inhale and exhale and Smile for you for me.