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  • neha_020 11w

    ~Owner of herself~

    That beautiful lady star,
    Who carries magical swords
    Among the black diaries...
    Stopping the flow
    Of looping crisis,
    Making that spiny cord
    Flexibly broken down,
    Fills the endless cups
    With layers of embracing steps
    And ties the land,
    As mighty ocean hugs the rocky glaze
    Acquiring a shade of sky
    And making us feel like a moon in nights
    Carrying a thousand characters of an act
    As a queen of raised attitude
    Along with soulful beauty of shyness...!



    I hope it's something that makes ya��~

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    //The mountains were more matured
    and the sky turned brightly dark
    when I switched myself in an upper stage..//


  • neha_020 11w

    ~Suspicious Lost��~

    Did I found myself,
    In the silent steps of nights?
    Embracing the moon
    Cursed by the cloudy fights....

    Was I hiding myself,
    In the plain earthy soils?
    Searching for the tint of fragrance
    Buried along the deadly miles...

    Will I hear myself again,
    In the echoes of lullaby calls?
    Arranging the laughter of rythymic flow
    Vanished in the smoky downfalls....

    Can I wake up again,
    Along the rainbow bands above?
    Catching the fairies in smiles
    Hidden under the nightmares unsolved...

    Am I?....yeah I am lost..!
    Just like the dark moon in the nights,
    Same as the deadly flowers digged,
    Like the silent notes of lyric dies
    And as the smiles in the nightmare lied...!



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    //I'm alive as a little flower,
    and lost as a twinkling star...
    The petals turned are mysterious,
    A second ago smiling,
    With a step ahead rotten...//


  • neha_020 12w

    12.09.21 ��

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    //Wake me up, before I choke myself
    Shout me up, If I blindly walk the stairs
    Mend me up, Before I lost my memory
    Sometimes it's just the dream
    Playing with me in reality...//


  • neha_020 18w

    04.08.2021 ❤️

    Idk if this makes sense...��❤️
    #patheticfallacy #wod #pod

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    ~Endless journey with
    a dark rythymic tone~

    //A way to the compressed soul//

    Treasuring myself
    In an aesthetic garden
    Sailing as a peaceful clouds
    To inhabit in the lonely sky
    "But the broken earthquake cracks
    Bursting my way to the compressed soul..."

    //Cut the bleed of upper me//

    Winning ourselves
    Waking up as barks are beauty
    Inbred with patched on my face
    "Torned me up with the stars
    Falling from the iris
    With why trees grow with barks?"

    //Quitting as destroying myself//

    Facing the dark skies
    And pouring it as a downfall
    Emitting the essence of love in coloured bow
    "But the uneven cloudburst of thunders
    Just make my heart over flooded.."

    //Ending myself to rewrite again//

    I choked myself high
    To lit sunshine on my scars
    Towards the dawn
    "I was a depressed sunset
    Drowned in the horizon of
    Deep hushed ocean..."

    //I'm totally submerged in the roars of storms, silence of the nightmares, hidden in the depth of Ocean waves and raining in the tears of rainbows....
    Now just tie me in the knots of poles connecting the earth//


  • neha_020 20w


    #mondo #pod #wod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Ps : idk if it makes any sense.... I've just penned what I felt...if any mistakes pls let me know��❤️

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    ~I once congregated
    All the parts of expired poems
    And buried them in a spot of evil~

    So why I still stare deadly at those grave?

    //That chunks of bitterness
    Buried in that deep darkness
    Still laughing at my existing soul
    No where I'm stuck in that deafly presence
    Smiling at my own teary eyes//

    Why I hold back at every step moving ahead?

    //The fragments of every stanza
    Recalls me behind again
    Shouting screaming uttering high
    Losing my blood to walk ahead
    And it drags me back to tragic past//

    Why my hands go thru that deadly graved poems on and on?

    //My dead poems depicted a nightmare
    Giving me a devil smile throughout
    So I blindly search for memories
    To make my grave look as a beautiful past
    But I never succeed//

    ~I always cry...
    For my past being as a haunted puzzle
    Just ends as a mysterious box
    But I always tend to open it
    And my soul just gets lost
    In that presence
    And forgets to get back at right body~


  • neha_020 21w

    ~Rainbow nights❤️~

    I hit every door blindly
    Swinging my hands around for feels
    No sounds no tinge of brightness
    Just my words echoing with "someone's there?"
    My days too crawl as dark nights
    Painting my life with one colour of tragic
    Left on bed alone
    Until someone binds me by their hands
    And takes me around the black skies
    I wonder by...
    Why these rainbows are rare?
    Why can't I stain the night by floral colours?
    I wanna climb the stairs of clouds
    And pick the rainbow shades on palm
    Painting my vision of dark nights to shine
    I want to pay that difference
    In daylight rains and nightly bows
    Wanna feel the sunny yellow burns
    And the silvery moony scars
    Wanna dance with every tinty breeze
    And sing in every shades of sky
    Why the rainbows are rare...!
    I just want to dye my nights
    With seven known bow colours of rain....


    15.07.2021 ❤️

    Set A : Night
    Set B : why rainbows are rare?

    #question #wod #pod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    //Let me paint my nights
    in rainbow light ...️//


  • neha_020 21w


    I am newly unknown planet
    Born in the mid of orbits and darkness
    Of all the combined dust and dawns
    Attracting all the shines towards
    And trying to emit it into beauty
    I am that random insect whose soul just runs around
    And makes herself as a human body with wings
    Not at all focused at who I am? Where I am?
    But diverts to all the flowers glowing down
    I am the love of scenic treasure
    Found in every veins connecting heart
    Trying to define myself in every eyes and soul
    But ends up being defined as one
    "Dwarf tingly floral lone..!"


    14.07.2021 ❤️
    #introduction #wod #pod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill a read ?��

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  • neha_020 21w

    13.07.2021 ❤️
    One liners ❤️

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    //Let your presence be
    the essence of lavender flavour....
    Every present touch is sweet and floral
    but ends up with a tangy bitterness....//


  • neha_020 21w

    12.07.2021 ❤️
    One liners ❤️

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    //My heart has stopped being heavy
    As your words
    Have injected the dose
    Of numbness through the body..//


  • neha_020 21w

    11.07.2021 ❤️

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    //Let me drown in the ocean of memories,
    And make me numb floating by...
    It's just me and my memories,
    None to break down
    & I'll smile closing my eyes forever.....//