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  • neethuu 2d

    I often feel,
    hatred isn't the exact antonym of love,
    It's 'pain' actually.


  • neethuu 1w

    You are like my emotions;
    sometimes making me feel most alive
    and often more dead.


  • neethuu 2w

    I long to be there
    A quiet corner of your heart
    when your broken pieces would mend
    to make room for me,
    and the violet flowers spread springs
    despite the parched seasons you behold.

    Sometimes all that I miss
    are more like a mirage;
    never existed, never possessed,
    yet reach my thoughts
    everytime I long for a home.

    I don't know, in how many more words
    would you lie to me, that the fragile hearts would never love again.


  • neethuu 3w

    You are here, right infront
    all the way from an isolated speck of stardust
    for, the universe felt I was too tired of weeping on somebody else's heartbreak.


  • neethuu 5w

    There is beauty without romanticizing every view. There is magic in people. There is art , music and you.
    After all this, I don't understand what we are, and how would you read us in the four lines of my limited vocabulary!

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    A time when there are
    no more poems and flowers,
    and even when the question of
    'what are we' is no longer important,
    my heart would still hold on to the
    alien thoughts once left behind
    while trying to work upon
    the exactness of my feelings for you.


  • neethuu 6w

    The depths need not always be a home for your thoughts.

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    There's no fear of losing
    for, I never possessed anything.
    I have a sky, a million stars and their permanence.
    Sometimes it's enough.

    They may not do anything a pair of eyes could do.
    But I feel like I own everything up above.

    Somewhere, I keep myself happy
    between the redolence of yesterdays
    and the not so sure tomorrows.


  • neethuu 8w

    There is so much about nights
    which tell me the tales of a sky
    that leaves no traces of an yesterday.

    I'd choose them over a coffer
    for memories, indelible
    wandering in places I may forget you.


  • neethuu 11w

    As you fall into the rhythm of every poem
    I learn to measure moments,
    despite the transience.

    Stealing a glance at the stars,
    if I ever write forevers in your name,
    don't go for the depths of a hopeless romantics' unknown scars.

    Perhaps, it's just a drunken night's favourite fib in disguise.


  • neethuu 13w

    Stop searching for perfection
    settle for real things.

  • neethuu 14w

    The voids in you feed you with illusions
    that, you end up searching for a long lost soul
    among a body of stars
    to call it your Muse.

    And scribbling the only few words left,
    to drain the dead emotions,
    afraid of them reviving anytime
    to eat up your only heart
    that still beats to feel something real.