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  • neeru365 4w

    All these days,
    I was craving love.
    Searching it everywhere,
    when my heart has it all along.

  • neeru365 4w

    I do believe in love,
    but I don't think I will be loved.

  • neeru365 7w

    "I love you" he said.
    I just smiled back and said, "Don't"
    "But why?" he asked impatient.
    "Because I am not gonna love you same"
    Saying that I walked away
    with no intention to look back.

  • neeru365 8w


    You called me
    with your husky voice.
    I turned back and found none.
    This's not the first time it happened.
    But I always look around to see you there.

  • neeru365 8w

    They say that...
    If we love some one more
    then our last love won't bother us.
    But you are love of my life,
    now I can't do better
    with this broken heart.
    You tell me...
    How can I allow myself to be loved
    knowing that I can't love back.
    I am already going through
    this pain being unloved.
    No one can fix this.

  • neeru365 8w

    I am already prisoned in our lost love,
    What's the need to remind it in the dreams.

  • neeru365 8w


    We all want a love of happiness.
    No drama, no heartache...
    But will that be worth remembering?
    We get scared of being unloved.
    Then start measuring love
    that have no units to do so...
    Let me tell you this,
    loving will be easy sometimes
    Just like gazing stars
    And others times,
    as hard as counting them.
    But you know what...
    Sooner or later,
    We all will find a love
    that stays...

  • neeru365 8w

    The tragedy of my life is
    not the lack of love.
    It's that I love too much.
    So much of love
    and less people to receive.

  • neeru365 9w

    It's a mistake

    I know it's a mistake.
    But there are certain things in life,
    where you know it may be a mistake.
    Certainly you don't really know it's a mistake.
    The only way to really know
    if it's a mistake is to do the mistake,
    look back and say
    "Yup, that was mistake"
    So really...
    The bigger mistake is to not make the mistake. Because then you go your whole life not knowing if something is mistake or not.
    Damn it...
    I made no mistakes,
    I have done all of these
    my life, love and career
    mistake free...

  • neeru365 10w

    Hey love.
    He moved on,
    Bcoz he had to.
    so do you!