Writing is the ❤ of my life✒& who wouldn't want to share the love of their life with the ��

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  • natanalatress 33w

    He was her addiction and she was his muse, seeing her naked without ever turning a page....

  • natanalatress 34w

    Sometimes your healing is someone else’s healing, never be afraid to share your story of how you picked up the pieces that almost broke you and scattered them around and used them as templates to tell your truth! Your truth is your freedom and your freedom is someone’s escape!

  • natanalatress 34w

    If I could see that little girl I was years ago that loved Reese’s butter cups, catching creepy bugs & adored her baby sisters & wanted to protect them from all the evil in the world, I would tell her that life is absolutely too short to live in fear. Don’t worry about what’s going on around you. God is with you. The hardships you’re going through right now is just a part of your story, it will not determine the outcome of your life. Those moments you feel at peace is that higher being healing your soul. Moments when you’re losing your self in your writing, those words are preserving your inner being & that time when you are sitting under that big oak tree at your childhood home taking in the breeze, and you are reading Journey to Jo’burg, and you feel like you are there that is that higher being comforting you and taking you away from all that violence, allowing you to go places where you don’t feel defeated, but you feel love, and you are loved baby girl, you’re a valuable piece in this world & you’re enough!

  • natanalatress 35w

    I write about things that set my soul on 🔥

  • natanalatress 35w

    Loving you
    I will love you as long as the stars
    compliment the moon
    I’ll love you as long as the the sun continues to shine & birds continue to chirp the most beautifulest of tunes
    I’ll love you as long as grass continues to grow and trees become bare
    I’ll love you until Monday’s no longer exist
    I’ll love you until change is no longer inevitable
    I’ll love you until full moons no longer exists
    I’ll love you as long as the past remains the same and the future remains unclear
    I’ll love you as long as your favorite music lives
    I’ll love you for an eternity, even when it’s hard, because love doesn’t just happen, it comes once in a lifetime & only when you fall....

  • natanalatress 37w

    You can’t start the healing process until you serve every curve ball ever thrown at you in life! It’s your story, the good, the bad, and the ugly so own that shit!

  • natanalatress 37w

    I’ll never be sorry for taking a step back to focus on myself and areas of my life that fully need my attention, I don’t owe anyone an explanation for why I choose me, I’ve been through enough to know that some things just don’t heal over night, it takes time. I’ll never feel guilty for choosing me first!
    -unapologetically healing

  • natanalatress 38w


    Unopened until someone finds me who has the strength to pop me open again, the strength to listen to my hurts until I heal from this catastrophe that left my life in a tail spin
    I’m not asking them to have pity on me but a shoulder would be nice, someone who I can lean on without thinking twice
    He understands my silence and the reason for my pain, he understands my reactions without me having to explain , seeing my nakedness without ever turning a page...

  • natanalatress 45w

    Once upon a time you were a part of her world
    Once upon a time she didn’t know her worth
    Once upon a time she lived apologetically and bothered
    Now she lives a life of a warrior, resilient is her name and undeniable wisdom she gained
    Your deception almost took her off the deep end but grace caught her and taught her to fly again
    Her wings no longer broken, so she soars high
    Higher than life itself
    She feels no guilt
    Her only regret was not staying true to herself & looking into a mirror and not seeing who she was, looking at a replica, unhinged and misunderstood
    Giving away parts of her that could not be regained nor matched, not realizing that she was the missing piece and that missing pieces are valuable, and delicate not meant to be shared, they have to be handled gently because they’re fragile and sometimes unknowingly rare....

  • natanalatress 46w

    Sometimes those stories that we hold close to our hearts are the ones that need to be unleashed!