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  • natanalatress 3w

    Generational curses are patterns that repeat themselves until someone says enough is enough, I’ll change the pattern..©natanalatress

  • natanalatress 3w

    Breaking generational curses is more than doing the opposite of what our ancestors did, it’s digging inside of yourself and acknowledging every hurt we have felt and bringing it to the surface. It’s not easy calling some of your family out on their bs and not everyone is equipped to do so, that’s why generational curses go on for decades until someone has the courage to break them! ©natanalatress

  • natanalatress 4w

    When a woman finally realizes that her life isn’t shallow and some can’t swim that deep, it is absolutely liberating…..


  • natanalatress 5w

    If you want your power back, stop giving energy to things that deplete your soul. You only succumb to nonsense that you openly give power to! If you want your light back turn off the switch to the benefits you give so freely & the people you allow to have access to you! Some people feed off of your energy because they’re afraid to turn off all the switches in their life that deplete them! Power is easy, you just have to know when to turn it off indefinitely! You’re the CEO of your life, you control the switch! ©natanalatress

  • natanalatress 7w

    Many people are living in the future or living in the past not realizing that their present is living in their moment…….

  • natanalatress 12w

    Bad chapters believe it or not, sometimes make great beginnings

  • natanalatress 18w

    Some days I have to push myself and pull myself out of dark places.
    Some days are harder than others but those days are actually when we’re the strongest even though we may not feel that way at all.

    Someone once asked me was I super woman, and I answered honestly, no I’m not super woman. Some just don’t have a clue on what it takes just to be a women let alone superwoman. I’m a woman that goes through things and grows through them silently, and I’m a woman who keeps going despite everything that may be going on at any given time. I’ll just stick to being Natana and not losing myself to what the world or someone else may want me to be. I’m simply woman…


  • natanalatress 23w

    I used to get mad when people would leave my life, but now I give them a life jacket and pray that they make it through life okay! I realize that my journey is not so shallow after all, and some can’t swim that deep hell, some can’t swim at all & them leaving is the best thing that could have ever happened...

  • natanalatress 25w

    Autumn leaves fall leaving trees bare, fully naked and exposed
    Nothing certain these days
    Not even my words on paper they’ll one day fade away
    This year has been a blur but life goes on
    The days are like my words, twisted by many understood by a few
    We all walk around wearing these face coverings no one knows who’s who
    Masks go on and they also come off, exposing a truth that was there all along
    But still yet life is different but it still goes on

    Leaves fall from the trees like the clothes from your body,
    All they see is the leaves on the ground and your clothes on the floor but seeing something naked is so much more, naked is beautiful
    Naked is fierce
    Naked is vulnerable

    They don’t see that this tree has been thru so many storms and is dying inside

    My body was standing there like a tree in the forest naked but with so many words, words of wisdom but no need to explain, because no one experiences the world the same....

  • natanalatress 25w

    He was her addiction and she was his muse, seeing her naked without ever turning a page....