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  • narcissus__ 3d

    A forlorn writer
    Tried to write his whole
    Story ......

    Perhaps 🖤tht

    Story was..


    With pen. In her hand
    her hands were trembling Her lips were desiccated..
    Ol she wanted
    The way to
    End this
    Endure ..

    But unfortunately
    Nothing was in her hand.....

    So she pledged never to lose hope ..

    She desired
    Wtever will be creators
    Wiling tht will be optimistically favourable for her ❤️🧡💛💚

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  • narcissus__ 4d

    I juss need cupcakes
    Toffees,new phone every year
    I dun like makeup on my face
    But i want every makeover item at my
    Home 🙁🙂

    I have better future plans
    But i luv to stay at home...

    I hate meetups
    Except with my cxns ..

    I love my online frnds
    I hate phn calls except with my family..

    Ok !
    N I luv myself...🙋🏼‍♀️🙂

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    So me🐣

  • narcissus__ 1w

    Uh r interesting one to converse with
    I admire the way uh openly babble 👍💞

    Life is not all about fancy man
    Sweetheart blah blah relations ...

    The bond we share is ultimate

    The returns fRoM ur side r

    N these rib _tickling talkes
    Are joyous n indelible.....

    Those damfool fights to compliment
    Each other are exuberant ...😂

    Uh r gratifying the way uh r
    Stay blessed....


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    Let these moments gleam ...
    N let we embrace this fellowship

  • narcissus__ 1w

    Our sorriness
    n incomprehension
    to elude ...

    actuality for
    temporary stability

    At the end makes
    us prisoner of our own wit..

  • narcissus__ 2w


    Let me wait for uh
    Let me crave for tht moment

    When uh will come only to hunt me
    I will passionate to embrace...

    Let me sit tight for uh
    Until uh will become by another half
    Let me embrace ur truths n
    Their will no consent of lies between us...

    Let me await for tht moment
    When uh will feel my silence

    Let we look into eachothers eyes
    Let we feel our gasf

    Let we assemble only to
    Await for our destination...

  • narcissus__ 2w

    Only 18 months old child was in protest with his downhearted mother💔

    How long these Ruthless ppl will kill us
    Oh god fortify Kashmiri souls ..

    Frm this corruption
    Only u r hope now

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    She was craving for justice
    Her day begin with menage
    Ruthless ppl departed her frm
    Pillar of ménage..

    She can’t find her sustenance
    Many disputes in wit no resolution 💔

    No ethics
    Only hankering on creators hope

  • narcissus__ 2w


    Inner battles are never too easy peasy
    But most remedial ones💫

  • narcissus__ 2w

    And my dear u r talking about memories ...
    Let me tell uh if ur soul will collide with my soul...
    Even a single talk will build upto this moment....

  • narcissus__ 2w


    let me embrace the way uh
    Play n replay these delightful conversations.....

    expressly aspiration for
    eternal dawn ♥️

  • narcissus__ 2w


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    Teri zindagi ka maksad hamari zurorato ko pura krnai pai kayim♥️

    Terai daman ki pakeezgi meri rooh ko
    Pakeezgi sai arasta krti...

    Teri rooh mai basi armano ki tapish
    Ka silsilah mjh sai hi juda

    Terai seekh ki hr eak bat
    Mainai sarakho mai saja k rkhi

    Meri nabz mera aks mera sb kuch
    Tujh sai hi jhoda

    Meri zuban pai hr dam teri zindagi ki
    Musalsal kahaniyo k kisai pnai pai jaisai likh kr...