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  • nandini_writes 67w


    This word always relates to our life,
    Sometimes imagination is a very
    beautiful world,
    where we see ourselves happy, exciting & a better person where we
    always want to be..
    Some how imagination gives a hope, may be a spark that,
    Imagination can also become reality


  • nandini_writes 67w

    Every person has a mask
    in his own life,
    It's upto us how we see it


  • nandini_writes 68w

    Life has many reasons to live,
    but the one positive reason to
    find for yourself is the most difficult one


  • nandini_writes 69w

    Life is always unpredictable for losing someone & accepting someone in life


  • nandini_writes 82w

    A day to be

    Everyday is special but the day I felt special
    Is when I got to see myself,
    what I m actual in life,
    what I want in life,
    what made me to think,
    for what I m living this beautiful life,
    I feel lucky I m one of them who
    knows what I want in life..
    A day to be remembered
    Forever n ever


  • nandini_writes 82w


    The word describes it all,
    everyone has pain in life but
    very less people have courage
    To come out from this

  • nandini_writes 128w


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    Happy Father's Day

    A man who alwyz knows what i want in life, my life is incomplete without him,
    The day i was born he was the happiest person in the world,
    The day i was born i was truly blessed in his arms,
    The day i said 'papa' his eyes were in tears,
    The day i could see the world was to see him,
    The day i started walking was by holding his hand,
    The day i started going school was only with him,
    The day i completed my school was only with him,
    Days passes but memories last forever... The most genuine person in the world...
    Pure soul which does not expect anything, the love he gives cannot be compared with anyone... #daddyslilmonster❤
    Happy father's day
    Dedicated to all fathers who does alot for their children but doesnt expect anything❤

  • nandini_writes 134w

    Never become dependent in any circumstances,
    because as much as you
    become dependent in life, it
    becomes harder and harder
    to survive..


  • nandini_writes 139w


    The real pain of life
    is being helpless in front

    Of that person whom you
    Loved the most

  • nandini_writes 141w


    The biggest fear in life is keeping happiness for longer time,
    and accepting the fact of staying saddness for longer time,
    Nothing is permanent