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  • nandini_5 19h

    She was under a cover .
    Stupid thoughts , fantasy dream .
    Pain bled through her eyes .
    Feeling lost and lonely .
    Got some messy habit .
    But her heart was kind .
    Knowingly or unknowingly
    She want to become someone else .
    She is perfect but she didn't think so .
    Got a perfect smile but she turned it into a fake mask .
    She was insecure about her insecurities .
    Swell up eyes And running nose .
    She need help but she won't ask .
    If she is in your life treat her better ..
    Don't sympathize her ,
    If she's wrong , correct her ....
    She is a precious gem ...
    We are lucky to have her ....
    We don't want to loose her ...

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  • nandini_5 20h

    It's a real story .. I got a panic attack while I was giving a speech ... It was such a terrifying experience ��

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    Voice started to shake nowhere.
    Heart pounds unconditionally.
    Feeling like I'm lost somewhere.
    But I'm alive somehow.
    Dizzy and frizzy my mind .
    Blurry my eyes was.
    Breathing was hard .
    That moment I knew it ,
    I got panic attack.
    It was so sudden I wasn't prepared for .
    I got scared , think will I'll be alive .
    But finally I'm fine.

  • nandini_5 1d

    I wish I could disappear and change my faith .

  • nandini_5 1d

    Welcome welcome ❤️ ...
    New member to miraquill family ...
    Meet my another cousin ✨...
    She's such a great poet
    Make sure to follow her , you'll not regret it ...

  • nandini_5 2d

    Can I save my tears for happy moments?

  • nandini_5 2d

    Idk , is it good ?

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    The path I was going was lonely .
    Losing the one I trusted the most .
    I thought everything is over .
    Cause I don't have you in my life.
    I don't know one day we'll end up like this .
    You know , it's hurt .
    I gave my all of me .
    But you kept it side .
    I should have know it was just a play .
    I can think it's all my fault .
    But how can I harm myself ,
    It wasn't my mistake.
    I guess I don't need somebody in my life .
    how can I smile in my pain.
    Pain hurts and heart shattered .
    You want me and you have it .
    Do you know the way I felt ,
    It's just hard to be fine .

  • nandini_5 2d

    Trust the process of healing.
    It may look painful
    But it's beautiful .

    Let the sun help you ,
    Sunshine will make you smile in your scars .

    Let the moon know you ,
    You need someone to tell your darkest secret .

    Take a deep breath scream inside your mind .
    Close your eyes and think why you should be happy .

    Scars take time to heal , So your heart too .
    Believe in yourself ,
    Cause only you can change your own thoughts.

    Trust the process of healing.
    It may look painful ,
    But it's beautiful too .

  • nandini_5 2d

    Sprinkle of confetti
    With little bit of happiness .
    Keep it safe , you will need it ,
    When you will feel bitter .
    Hope this will help you to make you feel better .

  • nandini_5 3d

    Did you the taste the bitter side of love .
    Which hurts but it's good .
    Which beautiful but it's dangerous .
    Which break but make us strong .
    Which is unforgettable but you have to move on.
    Which is painful yet magical .

  • nandini_5 4d

    Can I disappear without hurting others .