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  • nancykaur 5w

    # Opposites

    You are night , I am day
    You are asleep, I keep awake
    You are at peace, I am in stress
    You dream dreams, I make them true
    You bring weakness,I bring strength
    But the truth is you owe me and I owe you.

  • nancykaur 5w


    If I were a bird,I would fly to u and say Hello.
    If I were a butterfly I would go and kiss the rose yellow

    If I were a drop, I would become a pearl
    If I were given a choice,I would become a smile
    that adorns every face and bring sparkle to the eyes.

  • nancykaur 10w

    # humans

    I thank God that he has given me this day to be around my family who need me today
    and feel their love and warmth which I will miss when I leave.

  • nancykaur 10w

    # star sign

    Being a virgo,all feminine attributes are imbibed. Being artistic, strong headed,truthful and honest, imaginative I feel so.

  • nancykaur 10w

    #If I were a

    If I were a newspaper I would never have allowed myself to be the bearer of such news that brings pain and that too in the morning.

  • nancykaur 11w


    What an expanse of blue and blue
    Oceans and seas and it's watery hue
    Depth of it was beyond measure
    All I could see in her eyes was my only treasure.

  • nancykaur 11w

    # Raindrops

    I receive thy blessings as dewdrops
    Thy wrath as storm
    Thy happiness as raindrops
    All I bear and remain calm

    But storm in my heart
    Stops me to bear and remain calm
    Soaked in blood outpours
    Down it goes as tears.

  • nancykaur 11w

    # Brave
    Brave is one who has the ability to accept one's as mistakes, learn and move on.


  • nancykaur 13w


    Faltered not my belief in thee
    Failed they who spoke against
    Fumbled they with words unuttered
    Flocked thy acts unsung unheard
    Feelings answered all
    Ferocious they went back
    Failing on their call.

  • nancykaur 13w

    # life

    Life is a journey unpredictable and here lies the adventure and enthusiam