Hope u resonate what i write||18||greatful to people who are kind enough to read my writeups������

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    Want to COMPILE a BOOK and earn up to Rs.2500 or want to be a CO-AUTHOR or want to publish your own book.

    Do DM me at my WhatsApp- 9932044941

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    Hello Writers!
    Invitation for upcoming Anthology *The Unseen Morning Of Tomorrow*
    I am Namrota, Compiler of this book ....

    The link for submitting the write-ups

    Theme : appearance versus reality
    Genre : Quotes,short stories,poems
    Language : English&hindi
    Reference : Namrota Paul
    Entry charge :Rs.150

    If you are interested to participate in this Anthology as a co-author then Pls do join in this grp for further details ....

    Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

    If interested. .do let me know

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    *Benefits of writers*

    🖊Three pages to each writers (A5 sheet)along with one page for bio and image.
    🖊 Computerized Co- Authors Certificates will be provided ...
    🖊Social Media promotion ....
    🖊No pre-order compulsion ...
    🖊Free E-book will be issued after the launch of The Unseen Morning Of Tomorrow.

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    Raat Ki Baatein...Raat Hi Jaane...

    Ghante beet gaye phone pe lage huye,
    Baat dono hi nhi kr rhe the...
    Ha gussa thora km hua
    Aaasu bhi ruk gaye.

    Ghante beet gaye phone pe lage huye,
    Khamoshi thi magar ahesas tha gehera,
    Phone ke beech khasu toh, "paani pi lo" bolte huye tu cute bhi lagta h

    Ha gussa thora aur km hua
    Ab toh thora haas bhi diye
    Khamoshiyaan phir bhi khatam nhi hua
    Ghante beet gaye phone pe lage huye...
    Ghante beet gaye phone pe lage huye!!!


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    Ishq ne is bahon ko bohot pehele hi chu liya tha ...ab toh waqt hai usse samhal ke thik jagah pe le jana..
    chaliye zamana
    Ab choriye ye jhuti guftgu rachana..thora hame bhi toh apnake dekhiye..saare rishton ko samhalenge..pyaar se..samman k sath..

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    ALAKUT,a magical diary which is defined by love,respect,care,trust and understanding.
    A diary whose pages are filled with bright holy colours of our heart which has accepted each others dark past,breaks all fears and flies together holding each others hand tightly and forever.

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    She's not just a feeling called LOVE
    She's all his EMOTIONS.
    Her LOVE,
    makes him fall for her over and over again.
    A love that she's his,only his,who makes the heart beautiful.

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    Mrs."Husband's surname"...Home maker...Ooo fancy word for worthless women sitting back at home...U kno u should be called "Prostitute cum servant"...Why Sir, Are u so worthless?..Yes,mam u r...Sry Bhabiji ur so worthless...Ur daily routine is like...Wake up in the morning..make tiffin n breakfast..send children 2 scul...complete ur daily household chores...May be take a nap in the afternoons...Make snacks..take care of children..make dinner..wait till ur husband comes back home..have dinner...n then sleep by his side n satisfy his physical needs...No stress like ur husband has in office...No important job like ur husband do...U in return off the food,clothing , basic needs n most importantly permission to use HIS identity u give his sex n look after "his" house ... A small price u pay...So sometimes it's ok to digest his tantrums too...
    YES,sir...Ur correct I'm worthless...
    Sir...when I learned alphabets as a kid...with "D' came doctor I wanted 2 be that...later on feel in luv wid mathematics....But a girl as a mathematician...was a grt joke 2 my family...Before I had earned my college degree in hist...I got a marriage card...rather a notice to become miss " my family name" to Mrs. "his family name"...a few signature n hours of rituals..I found myself in bed with him...I was since I was aware I was a girl in a true sense..I had every tym fixed my dupata if one stared at my breasts..was very careful wid my dress so that my cleavage was not seen...I was over-protective to be chaste..N now just for sitting together in a ritual called he has the ri8 2 take it away as he wish...I denied...But he took it forcefully...It was not martial sex but suhaag raat (though without my consent)...I could not take up job....Family name of my husband would be ruined(But how?)...Maybe I cannot understand all his official prbems..but who cares of bloody emotional support...Maybe I cannot earn food...but who cares of healthy food at home...Sex...that is what he plays...eats me with n without my consents...For I m his wife...n he has ri8 over my body(I did not say...the marriage says so)...I hate some of his sexual acts...I would luv it in that way...Who cares He is the master of home n bed....Yes...I try 2 luv him still...stay awake n take care of him when he is sick.....YES...I m my identity is now of my husband not of mine own...Still thanks to god...I m not a boy..who is a home maker...because the society would then....Let the dots after "society then" be filled up by the society itself....

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    It's a Love Story

    When the sun shines,we shine together.
    I told you I'll be there forever,
    said I'll always be your friend,
    took an oath and I'll stick to it till the end.
    Now that it's raining more than ever,
    Know that we still have each other.
    You can stand under my umbrella,
    I'll be your Edward and you be my Bella.