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  • namrata__2021 9w

    Loving yourself is better thing
    But caring for another without telling or asking them is best thing ...

  • namrata__2021 9w


    I love watching series
    Because they are more interesting then real life's

  • namrata__2021 36w

    Lucky or Unlucky

    Lucky or Unlucky don't come with wish
    That is upon us what should we accept
    If we are lucky just share it
    And if we are not then just admit it..

  • namrata__2021 38w


    The moon was shinning
    The sun was dull
    The air started knowing
    That something does differ

  • namrata__2021 41w


    I never argued with him
    Because he wored glasses
    I already knew he has different views

  • namrata__2021 41w

    When I see couples beside me
    I feel strange..
    Why a girl trust a boy
    More than her parents
    Or a guy loves a girl
    More then his parents

  • namrata__2021 41w


    Dreaming yourself for better future is good
    Complaining yourself for having a present is bad

  • namrata__2021 41w

    YGCK (part 1)(page 2)

    Hii here I am again
    Readers as you know every women is facing some nice and some bad effects in her life ...
    Nice one gives her appreciation and bad ones gives her demotivation
    But in my story it is only the expectation means no appreciation and no demotivation ...
    I just don't know why they hate me so much
    It's okk let's move on with what you have is my spirit of inspiration....
    I saw the series 2 broke girls...and I feel something is connected with me and them
    Yes it is's the expectation..
    Okk that's it another time it would not be so depressing ...

  • namrata__2021 42w

    Young generation confusing kid (part 1)( page 1)

    Hi readers
    Everyone knows that some stories want to get started with some interesting chapter
    But mine is started with confusing and depressing chapter
    I am a 21 year old and working in a company were I was hired only to get worked not for money
    And other than this I am going with my study sessions
    Which is tough then what I thought
    And the craziest thing is I am doing my work and exam side-by-side
    Really confusing .........
    I think you mr/ms reader got confused too ...yeah this is an ongoing story of me
    The young generation confusing kid .....

  • namrata__2021 75w


    I am not a cigarette
    You will smoke and throw
    I am drug
    You will want me more