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  • namelessmaybe 114w

    Scotch, half, water and two ice cubes,
    Isn't that how love is?
    Like a habit you can't get rid of.
    Perhaps, the most commonly used word by idiots who are yet unaware of the complexity of humans relationships?

    Now, don't give me crap about those googly eyes and undying affection because I have faked it for long enough now.

    And staying together doesn't justify it, after a while we even get used to the things we use.

    We look at our parents and wonder sometimes, how could somebody love somebody else so much but then do they really have a choice? It's like they have signed a deal that most of them can't really get rid of.
    It's like a dose of dopamine, wearing off after the so called honeymoon phase

    And marriage is just another way to maintain consistency those who are scared of changes.

    All my teenage life, I have heard about first love and how it stays even after the people are gone , and all I could think of how it resembles all the hatred I have kept for the past few years. People don't realize, just how impressionable young minds are. If all I felt was positive, maybe I would have called it love too.
    I have felt connections with humans, sometimes even strong enough to last a lifetime but I never called anyone my soulmate because my soul is definitely at peace on its own. I ain't a piece looking for my other half. I am complete, aren't you too?
    Its like we're stumbling upon our own words when we feel, not deciphering which way we're exactly moving and the closest word, we think is love and so, we drag it and label it. And we drag it some more, until our hormones have calmed down and our ego, satisfied. We go on till the liking wears off and settle in the name of compatibility.

    There is no such thing called heart, its just your ID.
    So, next time your eyes dilate and your heart races wild, tell yourself its love.
    Feel. Fall. Fuck it.
    Image source- unsplash

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  • namelessmaybe 130w

    Everybody is replaceable, remember that.

  • namelessmaybe 136w

    That’s what people are.
    After turning page after page,
    I found that no story felt like mine
    And so, I skim through,
    Picking up bits and pieces from these travellers.
    There had been smiles, madness, misery
    But there had never been an end,
    A conclusion, a destination
    That one looked for
    All the way with the story
    But what if there isn’t one?
    What if it’s just a collection of oases
    That never merge or submerge
    Ones that stay up and stiff.
    I once had a book of my own
    After ripping apart pages from many.
    It never felt mine though.
    ©Khushboo Mohan
    Image source- pexels

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  • namelessmaybe 138w

    Dark people are like abysses.
    You let them in, you fall
    And you never get to come out.
    But it's still beautiful. Them.

  • namelessmaybe 143w

    जिंदगी आगे बढ़ रही है
    और मैं पीछे छूट रही हूं|
    © खुशबू मोहन

  • namelessmaybe 143w

    और अगर, किसी दिन तुम मुझ तक ना पहुंच सको
    तो मान लेना मैं सब से दूर जा चुकी हूं|
    © खुशबू मोहन

  • namelessmaybe 144w

    Life loves me the way I love myself.

  • namelessmaybe 144w

    मेरी बर्बादी पर दुनिया वाह वाह कर रही है|
    © खुशबू मोहन

  • namelessmaybe 144w

    I am empty enough
    But I still want to love you.

  • namelessmaybe 144w

    तुम इस दफा भी देखते रहोगे
    और मैं फिर बिखर जाऊंगी|
    © खुशबू मोहन