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  • nakshatraa 93w

    For some, relations are like playing A new game
    As long as the game holds
    Sudden twists, turns, provides Thrills
    Game goes on and on
    When all the levels are met Conquered
    They say
    Game is over...

  • nakshatraa 98w

    holding on to a relation is like holding sand inside your palm
    the tighter you hold the faster it's gone
    changes are inevitable
    accepting the brutal fact becomes challenging
    once the realisation strikes
    you will feel the solid ground on which you stood
    becoming a death trap of quicksand
    feeling the pull feeling the suffocation
    the scathing pain you feel when you try to breath
    stay still, give up the struggle
    you may feel your feet touching the ground once again
    the sufferings will fade ,you will start breathing again
    without feeling the grains of sand choking your lungs

  • nakshatraa 98w

    Fickle minds need only a slip before Heading towards the dead end
    Those who walks following the same Footprints,
    Instead of stumbling on the dead-end
    With the same fate of the previous traveller...
    Sometimes take a detour
    sometimes death has a peculiar way of showing light instead of darkness

  • nakshatraa 98w

    Are you seeking reasons to live


    Are you finding reasons not to ...


    Answers turns out to be the same 

    For both..

  • nakshatraa 100w

    When staying together seems
    Staying away seems suicidal
    Words lose their meaning...
    Futile words hanging in the Air
    Unable to be accepted by
    Either sides...

  • nakshatraa 100w

    The perpetual madness
    Beneath the cool facade
    Keeps the ember of insanity alive

    Watching you shred yourself in to pieces
    Feeling you being torn in to Smithereens...
    Unable to stop this madness
    You wish a fall in to the abyss a blessing
    If there is no return...

    But each time
    Staggering , dragging your feet Back to life
    Is a walk through hell
    Silently imploring someone to hold my hand
    I see, one by one the onlookers leave
    Leaving me alone with
    My own shadow...

  • nakshatraa 103w

    When words have lost it's value
    Let it remain in you

  • nakshatraa 161w

    When your shadow leaves you
    Continue your journey alone...
    Hold on to the only solace you have
    Your solitude
    And walk...
    As far away as you can ..

  • nakshatraa 162w

    I don't know the paths where my mind
    Wanders off to, sometimes..
    Dark alleys tempt me, lurking there seems Desirable.
    When I make darkness my home
    The inner me breaks in to a million stars,
    A million specks of lights ...

  • nakshatraa 162w

    She stood with pages and pages written in her eyes
    When pages were flipped through, unread

    She made the words to pearls and let it flow down her eyes...