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  • nainnshu 6w

    The Fallen Gift!

    As I was strolling between the paths enclosed by trees
    on both the sides,
    A gift from almighty just fell infront of my very eye sight,
    As if the very root of the tree has felt that numbness in my leg,
    As if the very trunk has identified with the shards of
    my broken heart,
    As if the very branch has read all of my face and mind,
    All of them together thus bestowed a gift as a balm to all my cries,
    A leaf thence fallen blocked my very way,
    only to captivate my whole body, soul and my heart.
    That leaf as I observed too,
    Carried veins in forms different and unique,
    As if making funny faces, trying to make me smile,
    Simultaneously led me to a mysterious world thereby.
    I forgot my pain and worries the moment I then step further,
    And returned back to my home with a renewed energy and a face, jovial!
    The company of nature hence is the best company of all,
    You just need a sight wider to read those little moments present just infront!

  • nainnshu 6w

    That one out of all!

    Fused always in the ink of many,
    A theme found commonly in most of the poems and even tales so-many,
    Pictured over a canvas completely neat and clean,
    Only to be colored at the end by the perspective of its readers most unique!

    The canvas behind overshadows the whole Glittering-World outside,
    Each day consuming each of its inhabitant within its not-so-real limelight,
    Each day, some more number gets added to this list,
    Only to get detached from their own silhouette at the end indeed!

    But one Being out of so many still tries to not get trapped within this web,
    She, from her inbuilt technique of intelligence stands apart-always solely unique,
    Although, the World bounds her forever within its own made-up laws and rules strange,
    Yet, She carries that immense power unparalleled to any other existing being till date.

    Her Silhouette unlike others outshines this deceptive cage made up only for show,
    For only She emerges much stronger and inhibits the power to fight for her own role,
    Mostly portrayed as a being, dependent on some or the other counterpart, who must be a Male,
    She out-throws all such clutches and maintain her very corporeal self always!

  • nainnshu 163w

    Because we all are merely players, each one playing his own part!

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    Orson Welles Quotes :
    'We're born alone, 
    we live alone,
    we die alone'.
    Alone we travel,
    Alone we Survive ,
    Alone we remain forever.
    Living together is an illusion,
    a momentary lapse,
    a temporary relief!
    But herein,
    Individuals need partners,
    A man needs his wife,
    A woman needs her husband,
    A boy a girlfriend,
    and A girl a boyfriend.
    Each one needs recognition,
    needs Name and Fame,
    which only Others can cognize.
    Alone we Survive .
    Man is incomplete without his Wife,
    She is his 'ardh-angani',
    She is his soul-mate,
    his better- half and like a comrade.
    Together they have to travel,
    draw and withdraw;
    paint and erase;
    the path till not traversed by,
    the canvas till not coloured by.
    and Yet,
    Alone we Survive .
    For, all relations are superfluous,
    are delusionary and illusionary,
    are uncertain and dodgy.
    Alone we Survive;
    Aloof and Distant,
    As if on an excursion,
    Carrying the past baggage and future ambitions,
    Over an unbridled horse,
    tottering and tottering,
    On any untrodden road,
    Looking for the goalpost,
    To kick at once on the ball,
    Only to look at it,
    Just passing through the edge of the post.
    Alone we Survive;
    Aside and Aloof,
    On an edge,

  • nainnshu 164w

    The need is to remove the mask and let the true identity be discovered!
    For the game of hide and seek has become outdated now!

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    The Reality of Illusion

    She, all this time remained in an Illusion,
    all this time she kept on admiring and praising herself,
    all this time she kept on moving closer and deeper;
    deeper and closer, to a Well Known World;
    A World as it is!
    Where there lies Beauty and Bounty ,
    Where there lies Glamour and Fragnance ,
    Glowness and Greenness,
    Whiteness and Pureness!
    But alas!
    It's just delusional!
    For here-
    being Scar-less is the only beautiful!
    being non-emotional is the only glamorous!
    being non-black is the only whiteness!
    What do you think being Beautiful means?
    How do you define Glamour and Pureness?
    Does a face full of scars and spots not beautiful?
    Is it not worthy of being praised and admired?
    Does the colour of my skin determines my Pureness?
    Is being gifted with black skin no gift?
    Does my tears so full of emotions makes me not glamorous?
    Will these tears pass unnoticed and uncared?
    For what I choose to See
    How I wish to See
    Makes the whole difference!

  • nainnshu 165w

    The duel!

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    The World said-
    Live in Reality and not in Imagination!
    I believed them.
    The World said-
    Pursue your dreams that you see while you are asleep!
    I believed them.
    The World said-
    At the end Reality is what we can't Imagine!
    I believed them!
    The World said-
    Imagination is Superficial!
    I believed them.
    But, I am stuck!
    I am stuck in a limbo!
    For what the World made me believed,
    My soul didn't believed.
    For, I started imagining things while being awake,
    For only with my wide-awaken eyes, I saw all of my dreams,
    For, these dreams didn't let me sleep,
    They keep on pushing and pulling my inner soul!
    The moment I close my eyes,
    The enlightening darkness ensues,
    For amidst this darkness,
    I don't imagine but rather relate,
    Relate to the Reality!
    For, traversing in this world of darkness,
    I travel to not some unknown lands,
    rather to the ones already walked on.
    I come across not some unknown faces,
    rather only the ones familiar and known.
    I see and view the whole Universe,
    With people fighting and quarreling,
    With people laughing and rejoicing,
    I see and view the World as it is!
    But once again,
    My eyes open,
    Again I find myself imagining my future,
    My dreams and goals!
    My aspirations and determinations!
    My future bungalow and my appreciations!
    What's wrong with me, I ponder?
    The whole world imagines while being asleep,
    But I imagine while being awake!
    The whole world counters Reality by being awake,
    and I, while being asleep!
    Surely, something is wrong with me!
    Surely, i am not normal!
    I am Stuck!
    Stuck in a limbo!
    One one side lurks the whole Universe,
    On the other - Me and My Soul!

  • nainnshu 166w

    The Uncertainty of Certainity

    It's only Today that
    The Certainty of your past deeds are Certain to you-
    It's only Today that you recall
    about you, losing the cricket match was Certain,
    about people, neglecting and ignoring you was also Certain,
    about your parents, scolding and beating you was too Certain!
    But what about
    The UnCertainty of your future Certain deeds?
    Is there any UnCertainty?
    Well, there is!
    It's only Today that you decide,
    The Certainty of you future actions too-
    about you, going for playing a cricket match was Certain,
    about you, going for watching a latest movie was also Certain,
    about you, going for a long planned vacation was too Certain!
    Then, i again ask-
    is there any Uncertainty over here?
    And I again answer-
    Well, there is!
    What if Tomorrow rain comes?
    What if Tomorrow your friend carrying tickets went missing?
    What if Tomorrow you get suddenly down with pneumonia?
    The supposed 'Certainty' could be just 'Uncertainty'!
    Well, now you should ask -
    about any solution?
    about any remedies?
    But then -
    Are we really ever Certain about anything?
    Whether about our past deeds or future ones?
    The answer is a big NO!
    Just go and confess,
    Go and Confess right now -
    Confess your love to the ones you love right now,
    Also confess your hatred to the ones you hate right now,
    Confess that you don't care to the ones you really don't care about, right now
    Also confess that you do care to the ones you really care about
    That too right now!
    Since ,
    Even Certain is Uncertain,
    It's better
    To accept Today's Certainty
    Accept Today's Uncertainty too!

  • nainnshu 166w

    Precaution : Read it from bottom to top First,
    To justify the Title!

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    Keep Smiling :)

    Smile is the worst remedy anyone can offer
    And don't try to let me believe that
    A little sweet gesture of compassion on any face could be charmer
    Because, once you get to know someone,
    This world is only full of hatred and contempt.
    Even if
    Some dignity does gleam through once in a while
    Grin and beam don't last.
    And its not literal to say that
    Even an angry-looking temper could laugh sometimes
    The whole world is to be seen from a new lens
    Only if the shades of familiar are removed
    It's not accurate that Smile is Measurable
    I am definite you can believe that
    The circumstances
    Our Mood
    All this is just far beyond my reach
    And you will never hear me say that
    Smile can cure all problems.

  • nainnshu 167w

    This Independence day, we all should pledge to show our superiority not by any display of anger or hatred towards your fellow beings but rather a sense of togetherness and caring towards these little small things!

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    Happy Independence day

    Our Constitution has bestowed all it's
    Appropriate freedom Rights
    To the mobile and created beings,
    Freedom To Speech,
    To Act and then Repeat,
    Freedom to Exploit,
    To Capitalize and then Repeat,
    Freedom To Judge,
    To Lament and then Repeat!
    What about the rights ungiven to many?
    To those unmobile?
    To those uncreated?
    Yet those so beautiful and original beings?
    Do they don't crave for freedom?
    Among these many others,
    Come beings not given any speech,
    The plants that grow in your balcony,
    The birds that fly daily over your head,
    Those innocent animals that bark or moo or meow!
    What is all of their's Crimes?
    That they are given not their freedom to Act, To Choose and then Repeat?
    Humans- you call yourself superior,
    Well you lie much beneath!
    For, the truth is our Earth is beautiful
    Is full of lightness and Greenery,
    Only because of these uncared and unnoticed,
    For, Freedom is each one's right,
    From a little, yet ungrown sapling
    To a full grown up Man!

  • nainnshu 167w

    For sometimes, life gives u no chances and no excuses to be made!

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    The actual crisis.

    should I laugh???
    Should I cry???
    He has just cracked a joke-
    So, i should atleast smile,
    Or rather laugh,
    I think i should cry!.
    Hey! Have you gone mad?
    For, a joke is cracked for joy,
    and you are saying that you should cry?
    What is mad in this, I wonder?
    Perhaps the joke was too lame?
    Perhaps it was too boring may be?
    Perhaps i didn't understood the same?
    Certainly I was unwell and gone insane!
    For, i just had banged my head on a desk,
    and also had a quarrel with my mother,
    and also had a fight with my brother!
    The whole world seems like is revolving round ,
    But that happens daily... No??
    Certainly, i have gone nuts and crazy!
    For, my friend has just came across an injury,
    and I smile with laugh and joy.
    My sister has recently broke from his boyfriend,
    and I got elated and laugh out loud with delight.
    Unfortunately, not all days are the same,
    and also not every human being.
    Even the situations daily alter and change,
    Along with changing seasons and age.
    So, better is not to change yourself,
    But best is to alter the circumstances.
    Remain healthy and strong,
    and tackle all hurdles with shining bright eyes
    And with a joyous smile!

  • nainnshu 168w

    For our mind is a labyrinth of n no. of haphazard thoughts and thoughts.

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    From Synaesthesia to Anesthesia.

    While I breathe, I hope unbounded and endlessly,
    about the things and incidents yet to come;
    about the many more fragmented memories yet to be adjoined ;
    and about the many more uncompleted tasks yet to be completed.
    While I breathe, I wander unbounded and endlessly,
    about the things and incidents past in time;
    about the many unfragmented memories I had made;
    and about the many accomplished tasks I was rewarded for.
    While I breathe, I range unbounded and endlessly,
    going forth and back along my memory lane
    from my past victories and regrets and repentence,
    to my future goals and acquirements and requirements.
    While I breathe, I should also hope unbounded and endlessly,
    about the things and incidents as they are happening now;
    about the cherisable memories that are getting instored from my present deeds;
    and about the happiness that i am receiving in completing my present task.
    Because breathing is living;
    and Living doesn't mean to die happily but to live happily!
    Living in the present, in the now and in the instant,
    Is the key to happiness.
    Since Past 'known' and Future 'Unknown'
    but Present is neither-
    While you breathe, You should hope unbounded and endlessly,
    About Nothing,
    Only let yourself be consumed in your 'Now'
    Unrepented and Unburdened!