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  • nah_olos 55w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Ungrateful

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    U nthankful
    N arcistic
    G odless
    R ebellious
    A pathetic
    T asteless
    E gotistical
    F ruitless
    U seless
    L oveless

  • nah_olos 55w

    Lost Light

    The candles grew dim
    Refusing to shine
    In darkness so grim
    Without love divine

  • nah_olos 56w

    Midnight Memories

    There are memories my mind still keeps
    Of love I lost that runs too deep
    Feelings awake as I drift to sleep
    When morning dawns how my heart weeps


  • nah_olos 64w

    Slipping Through His Fingers

    I saw them out on an evening stroll
    But she refused to hold his hand
    The strains of life had taken a toll
    True love no longer in demand

    By Nah Olos

  • nah_olos 68w

    Tripped Up

    Your shoes you must always lace
    Or you'll fall flat on your face
    And be a dreadful disgrace

  • nah_olos 68w

    The Runner

    Know your pace
    Run your race
    Earn your place

  • nah_olos 69w

    A Lonely Location

    I had to move away
    And make a brand new start
    But a change of scenery
    Could never change my heart

    What can I do?
    I'm still blue!

    A thousand miles away. . .
    Still missing you!

    by Nah Olos

  • nah_olos 73w

    An Unhappy Ending

    My heart aches for a place that no longer exists
    How much longer can this dull beating persist
    The sweet call of death I will no longer resist

    By Nah Olos

  • nah_olos 75w

    Lost Life

    My heart keeps wishing
    To go back to the beginning

    Because without her love
    Life isn't worth the living

  • nah_olos 82w


    Truer words have
    never been spoken
    A promise made
    is a promise broken

    by nah olos