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  • naaaatsuke 1w

    I just want to pause for a moment,
    just to feel a bit of solace and serenity,
    to realign my soul into its safe
    and tranquil place again,
    I just want a rest.

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    in these trying and exhausting times,
    I just want to disappear,
    apparate into a place where I can loosen things up, to clear my thoughts, to wander off my uncertainties, to let go all that weighs me down, to squander all my heavy feelings, to scream out the pressure and anxieties,
    to just breathe in new hope,
    to exhale everything that I try to succumb.

  • naaaatsuke 2w

    every flower
    blooms in its own time
    and soil.

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    You are a Flower.

    free as a dandelion
    lucky as a four leaf clover
    brave as a rose
    rare as a tulips

    as a flower blooms,
    so as I am,
    as different and unique from others,
    so as I am,

    went through different seasons,
    conquered a lot of challenges,
    yet blossomed and grown beautifuly,
    with those accumulated experiences.

  • naaaatsuke 3w

    I ponder how the universe
    made more recognition and favour
    to people who chooses immorality
    over a life that is holy and inspiring
    as I contemplate on these thoughts
    a spark of light made me feel
    a deep and comforting reassurance,
    that good people may suffer
    the most in our secular world
    because they are the true
    warriors and soldiers
    who fought the best with the reason that
    they are by far the choosen greatest
    while the people who live a life
    of profligacy continues to dwell
    in a place of turmoil, despair,
    pity, ignorance and condemnation
    of soul and a spirit of humanity
    despite the riches and wealth
    they do prefer and brag maliciously.

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    trivial thoughts

    screaming, shouting, yelling
    but the silence keeps on echoing
    crying, weeping, bawling
    but the tears keeps suppressing

    yes, I got used to the pain,
    that it eventually became part of me,
    it taught me multifold of things
    that made me become
    wiser, stronger and fiercer

    time do really heals,
    how ironically the universe
    gives the test first before the lesson
    to teach us things
    beyond our comprehension and imagination.
    waking up one day with a thought of
    "wow, I didn't know I would make it this far."

  • naaaatsuke 3w

    despite the steep valleys,
    narrow hills,
    dark, murky and deep ocean,
    unpredictable weather and events,
    there is always a beautiful destination,
    waiting on us in front of the line,
    and on that test of time,
    the challenge for us is to eventually
    realize our worth and prioritize
    what makes us truly happy and feel loved,
    for everything in life takes time,
    even the most beautiful flower
    waited to bloom without telling,
    but rather just by showing.

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    love yourself; answer

    the feeling of serendipity
    that cripples underneath my skin
    the longing of solace
    on a vast and long crucade
    the warmth kiss of solitude
    that gives me peace and tranquility
    the intense feeling of euphoria
    that embraces my soul after a
    long and tiring period of waiting.

    all of these feelings
    that eventually lead to healing,
    the kind of contentment and love
    I've always prayed and hoped for,
    finally I can say,
    that every masterpiece is hoaned
    and molded on its perfect time.

  • naaaatsuke 4w

    climb the mountain,
    choose your path,
    focus on the destination.

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    there are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading to the same place, so it doesn't matter which path you take.
    the only person wasting time is the one who runs around the mountain bragging that his or her path is the most perfect and successful path when in fact it is the most manipulative and dangerous path.

  • naaaatsuke 13w

    Words to ponder.

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    There are two types of distinguishable friends:
    1. the concern and supportive friend who lifts your spirit up no matter what the circumstances are.
    2. the nosy friend who only appears when they want to know or get something from you.

    Wisdom is knowing the difference.

  • naaaatsuke 14w

    we learned in physics that the speed and travel time are inversely proportional because the faster we go the shorter the time.
    so what if you started now?
    you start to love yourself,
    you start to prioritize yourself,
    you start to accept your flaws and imperfections,
    you start to forgive your past mistakes,
    you start to realize your purpose and self-worth,
    you start to let go of all that weighs you down,
    you start to appreciate every little blessings you have,
    you start to live as if tomorrow ends.

    then you will eventually start to achieve what you earnestly want to achieve in life.

    do not delay your goals, choose to start now,
    no matter what circumstances you are facing,
    always stand up, and choose to rise again,
    face the uncertainties with an armor of hope, strength and peace of mind.

    everything will all soon be worth it.

    #whatif #life #question #mirakee #writersnetwork #writer

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    what if you started now?

  • naaaatsuke 17w

    the catastrophes that destroyed you,
    the chaos that always lurks in your mind,
    the toxic people that tries to bring you down,
    the betrayal and broken promises that stabs you multiple times,
    the failures and hardships that kept your knees bruised,
    the corrupt government that makes you question humanity,
    the pandemic that delayed your dreams,
    the unprecedented events that blocked your way,

    all these things that bothers you,
    slowly breaks you,
    makes you question yourself a lot,
    gives you hesitations,
    and keeps you mad,

    may you always focus on yourself,
    your mental health,
    appreciating and being grateful for
    "what IS and not WAS and WILL"

    may you always find light and hope,
    always find ways to appreciate the little things,
    most especially the gift of life
    that some people have been deprived of,

    wake up, shake those dusts off,
    be proud of the small progress you make,
    be proud for choosing to be alive,
    be proud for stepping up,

    be proud of yourself because no
    one else can cheer yourself up the most
    but yourself,

    tell yourself everyday that
    just a little push,
    just more patience,
    and soon enough,
    everything will all be worth it,

    what you are feeling right now,
    cannot compare to the joy and glory
    that will be revealed later.

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    a reminder for you

    you got to pat yourself at the back
    and tell yourself everyday,
    that it's okay not to be okay,
    that small progress is still a progress,
    that it's just a bad day, not a bad life,
    that life is not a race,
    that all great things take time,
    that all will be well.

  • naaaatsuke 21w

    at this point of my life, where I am peaceful, contented and happy, I realized many things, and one of them is that as human beings, we have infinite desires...
    if you are poor, you want to be rich, if you are rich, you want to be richer, it's part of human nature to keep wanting,
    so how do you satisfy infinite desires?
    well, you have to satisfy that with infinite love,
    but here's the catch,
    infinite love won't come from human beings because we die, we make mistakes, and we are susceptible to secular problems.

    infinite love doesn't come from money, success and fame either because these also disappears and are fleeting,

    so where do we get infinite love?


    he has the capability to infinitely give and provide.
    no human or object in this world will ever enough to fully satisfy us, but a Creator can satisfy His Creation.

    Yes, we know God,
    but we must let him live inside us,
    and soon enough,
    amazing things happen before your eyes,
    miracles and wonders that shockingly you asks yourself.
    "Lord, how do I deserve these goodness you bring into my life?."

    when God rules in your life
    your perspective and mindset
    changes drastically in the best way you can ever imagine.

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    the healing process
    that eventually leads
    to contentment


    but suddenly yet slowly,

    she looked at the mirror and
    saw those eyes glistening again
    heart's mending
    wings spreading
    smile widening
    fist unclasped
    feet pacing
    chest straight
    hopefully focusing

    because He filled all the voids,
    He provided, and always will be,

    and now,

    she moves forward
    without fear,
    armored with self-love that
    for years she learned
    and embraced.

  • naaaatsuke 24w

    the dilemma of wanting something because you are eager and craving vs. needing something but you know it will take time to reach for it.

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    no need to rush

    love is tantamount to pain
    like expecting sorrow when you feel euphoria,
    like how you get wounded and eventually heal,
    like a roller coaster ride after your adrenaline rush,
    like you anxiously draw a dot and eventually
    turns into a masterpiece,
    like a single number can create an equation
    to solve the beginning of the universe,
    like how a prestine glass that have been
    broken into pieces,
    like how you persevere to climb a mountain
    and finally reached a breathtaking view,

    everything is indeed an equivalent to something,
    perhaps you may be on a process of waiting,
    but know that in time,
    you'll be perfectly fine and happy,
    that you waited for the best moment to be
    with the one you are destined.