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  • mystical_writer26 5w


    Smile like those abandoned flowers,
    Who have mesmerizing powers,
    Who are wild and free with the wind
    And who grow even in places that are ruined.

    Smile like those wild lonely flowers in bloom,
    Whom time has taught to smile when it's gloom,
    Who have the charming purple hues,
    Even when their life faces blues.

    They dance with the gentle breeze and the strong air,
    They are very much of the world aware,
    Abandoned, wild and powerful,
    this is why time has made them beautiful.

    Be like those left off flowers,
    Who every day and every hour
    Keep smiling no matter the weather,
    Keep smiling together.


  • mystical_writer26 5w


    Dark clouds turn sulkily,
    The weather blows cold,
    Lush fields are dull now,
    Unbelievable that they were once so richly painted.

    Fowls of the air float dimly,
    Not a voice of one calling from afar.
    Then out of the olives, a bright light struck,
    Heated the field and coated it black.

    And for once the sky turned like water,
    Oh so clear and then the stars,
    Moved so swiftly and so soon!
    Then the fowls of the air vanished.

    Not a voice was heard then,
    All that was left was a black patched soil,
    A clear heaven and a moist view,
    With the sun shining straight.

  • mystical_writer26 5w


    I see a glazed palace,
    Sapphire and diamonds around,
    Amethyst crowning it lace-like,
    Waters are wonderfully painted a hue of purple,
    Translucent and frosty,
    Sky painted pink,
    Where fairy lights float,
    carrying the scent of juniper berries,
    I see a yellow cloud carrying the cheesy moon,
    There hop out little moon men and women,
    They carry pieces of moon,
    I consume a piece of moon,
    Which tastes cheesily treacly,
    I move closer to the palace, I see inside,
    There are berries, fruits, lustrous edible tokens,
    This is the world,
    Far away in the moonland.


  • mystical_writer26 5w


    What if, for once humans would be quiet?
    Absolutely quiet, only nature's voice in the air?
    If everything would be peaceful for a moment?
    Nature's presence would only make us aware,
    With a quiet mind and a calm sentiment,
    No cluttering noises of the worldly affairs,
    No chanting voices of religious texts,
    Nature's voice would then lay bare,
    Melody of birds and water, next,
    The charming citations of the waterfall,
    Howling deep voice of the wind that calls,
    What if for once the world was serene,
    Absolutely voiceless in the presence of nature,
    No harsh horns, no clashing plates,
    No tip tap of boots, nor closing of a door,
    No word from a mouth nor a child's cry,
    But deplorably, this remains a thought of if...

  • mystical_writer26 5w


    The daylight faded in the cold,
    Trees all shaded with cold,
    The placid glassy water was ice cold,
    The breath of the birds too, were cold,
    The wind that blew was cold,
    Tall trees had life within but to touch, were cold,
    The dry forest floor was cold,
    Leaves rustling on the soil were cold,
    Everything became cold,
    That day, the soul of the forest was cold,
    Beside the water on the shore, lay a splendorous soul, cold.

  • mystical_writer26 5w

    Haunted Hallows

    At morn they dress all white,
    Towering up so bright,
    Sinlessly bringing light,
    But little does anyone know the sins of the night...

    When the world rests and all is calm,
    They walk in the dark which to others does harm,
    They lurk in the night performing a charm,
    Making anyone believe the lies with so great an aplomb...

    Then calling those rotten souls to destroy,
    Then when they reach, they're treated as a toy,
    They dance on fingers without being coy,
    They don't realise their own silly sins, oh boy!

    They turn into creatures of the dark,
    Nails so long to scratch the bark,
    Fangs extended with blood marks,
    Pale eyes shinning with an evil spark!

    Be careful from those deadly creatures,
    They come with very attractive features,
    Then consciousness doesn't come as a teacher,
    They might right be in front of you as a preacher,
    But actually a very, very dark creature...

  • mystical_writer26 5w

    Wording The Working!

    Attend the virtual classes,
    Attend the virtual classes,
    Take a shower,
    Help mom in cleaning the glasses,
    Read some books and do some studies,
    Gotta eat lunch and sit for tuition,
    Take some rest, study study,
    Do some prayer, Dinner dinner,
    Write some poems and have a good sleep!

  • mystical_writer26 5w


    The wind carried the fresh autumn breath,
    All other falling ones tenderly riding on it,
    Golden crispy fellow leaves,
    Others green yet weak through their roots.

    Falling towards where wind carries,
    This shows how life is so uncertain,
    one day hanging on to an enormous tree,
    Being sat on by butterflies and chromatic bugs.

    The other, carried away by the fresh wind,
    Other still, being carried off again on water,
    And at last where life ceases,
    One has a beautiful ending or a sorrowful nightmare.

    Resting on mother nature's sweet lap,
    Giving life to another,
    Or going through the fire where the shining fades,
    Becoming a demon to mother earth's environment.


  • mystical_writer26 5w

    A journal entry where one finds an old journal while walking through a deep forest in autumn!!
    @writersnetwork @miraquill_assistant @writersbay #journalentry #winter #journal #thoughts #beautifulpain #ceesreposts

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    Beautiful pain

    December 12th, 1998

    The air is cool and the leaves are rustling under my feet. Who would have known winter could be so pretty... Until it's in one's heart. All that matters is that it's beautiful. The pain, is beautiful.
    The air inside me frightens me, but winter is pretty. Little does he know why I left him when he needed me the most. I wish I could tell him as painlessly as ever. My weak, deteriorating self shall not live long. This winter kills me both inside and out but the pretty pain knowing he'd be happy, with someone else, makes me live now.
    This place where we used to visit when either of us was lowly, will be the place where our love and memories end, once and forever. Tears shall speak louder than what words can comprehend...


  • mystical_writer26 5w

    Dear mom,
    15 years ago you held the tiny, sleeping me in your arms, close to your warm chest, ever so delicately and tenderly. You said I would grow to your expectations into a beautiful young lady, a woman of worth and a girl who would chase her dreams. You said you would bring me up to be a well mannered teen... a perfect youngster who would put up a bright smile on her face.
    Here now 15 years hence, things turned upside down. Everything, everything changed. I'm not the pretty young lady you'd expect me to be, nor am I a girl who chases after her dreams. I'm no more a perfect youngster, no, not the one with a bright smile always. No I'm not even a woman of worth. But everything has a reason and every life has a story... So do I. Maybe, if you didn't say that I'd look prettier if I was skinny, I would have been a woman of worth. Maybe if you'd let me hang out with my friends and let me make the little life choices I know I am capable of making, I'd have a real bright smile on my face. Maybe if you told me that perfect is on the inside, I would have turned out to be a perfect youngster. Maybe, if you told me that I could be anything and if you believed in me, I would have followed my dreams.
    Over time, my dreams faded. They didn't break due to something that happened just once, they simply faded because my dreams were gradually erased, when I realised that I didn't turn out to be the perfect youngster with a bright smile or a woman of worth. I wish I could be the perfect woman with a perfect smile for once, but now there's a frightened soul inside me, who's afraid of doing anything in life because everything she tried doing, simply faded. She's afraid...... what if like all her dreams, she fades away too?


    Just random thoughts... :) @writersnetwork @miraquill @miraquill_assistant @writersbay #letter #insecurities #thoughts

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    Dear mom