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  • mystic_aahana 6w

    December is my favourite month :3

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    Happy holiday season ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

  • mystic_aahana 17w

    Yikessssssss I keep coming back ;_;

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    I hope October doesn't suck :)

  • mystic_aahana 35w

    (Long rant ahead, you shan't waste ya time *_*)

    Read the post first please ;_;
    This was one of my first posts on mirakee with my old account @/mystic_aahana (you might have already guessed judging from its lameness xD). Back then I wrote in the last pages of my school notebooks and they slowly paved their way into the drafts of mirakee (they're Miraquill now c'mon bish -_-).
    I still type rather than write but whenever I don't feel lazy I try to work with pen and paper because ya'll know how beautiful and accomplishing that feeling is. *_* But growing up sucks sometimes, I find myself thinking too much these days and not doing anything productive or thoughtful. I know you have to be laid back at times, after all life changes its pace from time to time. But I feel like I'm changing a lot and although I know it's normal at this age, I still feel anxious that I'll eventually end up losing my originality. I never thought I'd admit this, but I can't write anymore. At least, not like before. Haha. Imagine how heartbreaking it must be for a poet to say this :"). I hate mystic_aahana because she didn't last. She went away somewhere far. And now only a void, lazy person is left. But I hope someday I'll start loving mystic stars and poetry like before so that they too start inspiring me once again :)

    Mirakee has been a beautiful place for me, for the past year, and had saved me from going insane because of covid ;_; I pretty much ended this journey back in September 2020 but, we all love coming back home, don't we? *_* I made beautiful friends, even better than my irl ones and I learnt so much !:") not many of them are here now though (sed;_;). Some are deactivated, some have left forever and some just vanished out of nowhere (╥﹏╥). But I'll write about all those peeps because my love is brimming!!!xD (it'll overflow, bachao!! ( ;∀;)


    Okay, *ahem*,
    @/kay_tee, @/splendiferous (y'all!? You guys are the reason why I thought being mystic was beautiful? Remember how we vibed? How I wasn't sure of my zodiac??xD Where are y'all, Kay, Amy?? Miss you guys, and your elegant poems that added tons of words to my vocabulary;_;),
    @/guilty_as_charged (after this she changed her name a zillion times and finally became mihika_ xD),
    @/falak_k (I can't thank you enough for making me believe I write well *_*)
    @/miss_worst( remember Vaishu di?>=<),
    @/ukiyo_ (K?? Our collab story?? Wasn't it the best thing ever? I miss you��)
    @/anvaya (my mate, how're you, I miss you),
    @/ravleen_26 (tusim kithe ho??? ��),
    @/alxita (vocab queen!! I miss your tags;_;)
    - YoU gUyS!!����,,,my first friends and now almost all of you aren't here ����,,,why?? ����
    But, thank youuu so much, I'm so freaking grateful to you guys that you made this place feel like home for me and I never thought I would stay for 6 months if it weren't for you guys, seriously ❤️❤️
    I miss y'all, too much, but I hope y'all are doing well and keeping healthy, much love, keep writing always��❤️

    @/tamanna3(fairy fairy��),
    @/miss_messy (*_* Ruu my sissy missy (つ✧ω✧)つ),
    @/piyuldwivedi (Angel, do you know what intrigued me about you? Your "you're welcome" after every thank you I said╰(^3^)╯)
    @/nivisa_griffindor (I loved this name of yours so much ��)
    Uma dii?? ( I forgot your username I don't know how ;_;)
    @/thesunshineloves( Miss Sunshine, I miss our army chatroom ;_;)
    @/blue_lemon_writes (Komal di? ;_;)
    @/sepia_traces(hate you pt.1;_;)
    @/ell_ferno(hate you pt.2)
    @/__saya ( we're yet to vibe but toi gusi goli ;_;),
    @/words_and_thoughts ( Gouri!! I miss you a lot *_*)
    @/thousand_splendid_thoughts (Supriya dii, I miss your hopenotes ;_;),
    @/jun_wilson (you beautiful girl��)
    @/poeticgirl (KFC?!!;_;)
    HOWW?? HOW CAN YOU GUYS BE REAL??!! I refuse to believe you guys exist because I haven't seen such kind hoomans ever exist irl. And I will say a thousand times that you guys are so muchhhhh more than my irl friends, I didn't even know people can be this sweet!!;_;
    Thank you isn't enough seriously but I don't know any other English word for showing gratitude ��(stop being lame Aana -_-). I love y'all forever, thank youuu, keep writing!!��❤️
    So many of these people I can tag and they'll prolly be happy to see me back but I just can't tag people, I don't know why, it's an old disease ;_;

    Lastly, the kings/queens,
    @/mirakee,@/writersnetwork you guys are the best admins ever!! No matter how much people criticise your glitches and all that, you're the kindest and bestest!! Reading thousands of posts, encouraging people, interacting so well, only Mirakee can relate╰(*´︶`*)╯ Thanks for making my story complete :)
    I'll try to come back :)
    Thanks guys, I'm not a good person honestly, I'm socially very retarded and I say unnecessary things at unnecessary places/times, thanks for bearing with me ;_;

    Ok bye ��❤️
    #genuine_readers :)

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    ~Broken hearts and fake smiles~

    This must seem like a melodramatic tragedy,
    But a broken heart has more to it.
    Like a thousand knives shoved in a war,
    And there's no place for bliss to fit.

    They smile outside but die inside,
    Tears flowing down those eyes.
    Innocent hearts and wicked minds,
    Untold truths and hidden lies.

    To move on its easy but forgetting is hard,
    As slowly it takes over you.
    And that is when you realize,
    that love has a dark side too.

    Slowly heading towards an unknown place,
    To be asleep in those sleepless nights.
    Because broken hearts and fake smiles,
    Are just a true lover's rights.
    ©mystic_aahana (someone who drifted into oblivion :,-)

  • mystic_aahana 37w

    Dreams, carried on shooting stars,
    landing in some fairyland in a distant galaxy,
    sometimes whisper sweet lullabies in my nightmares.
    I cling to the fairydust that dawn leaves,
    as it retires from my window pane,
    and wakes up another insomniac.

    But everyday,
    under the saffrons blanketing the world,
    a seraphic star visits me,
    like the spark of dawn after a sleepless night.
    She tends to flee
    but I hold onto her satin dress,
    as she twirls above
    the daisies and lilacs.
    She drifts into dreams and sprinkles stardust,
    from her little, fluttery wings.
    She kisses the darkness,
    and lights lanterns of joy.

    I keep looking at the evening sky,
    wishing to catch a glimpse of her glittery flight.
    As I often hear her heavenly harp,
    ringing dulcet melodies,
    amidst the million stars.

    I had to write something (lame and weird ;_;) for you before I leave, cuz you're my and a real Angel ��✨
    @onemayhem ❤️

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    //All angels don't have wings...
    Some have poetries tucked in their hair//