the journey of life is so much beautiful but to understand the journey we need a beautiful heart

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  • mysteriousde 1w

    I don't know when I'll see you again
    But I'll wait for you
    In different place,
    among different people
    Far away from the chaos
    and struggling victories
    We'll meet with peaceful histories..

    A little thought of you brights my nights
    Completes my destination with beautiful life!!
    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @mirakeequoted

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    Less memories paint the life
    More memories fade the life !!

  • mysteriousde 8w

    Being a sword holder
    Doesn't mean to kill but
    learn how to defend !!

    @mirakeeworld @miraquill

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    A sword is nothing but iron
    But its owner places spirits in it
    A righteous person wields a grand sword..

  • mysteriousde 10w

    #mirakeeworld #mirakee

    It's a stable state of my mind

    There is no alternative of ur
    You know what you r always my A
    But you made me ur B��

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    Enormous vibes of cold nights
    Let's have a tea with old light..

  • mysteriousde 12w

    #girls #dreams #goahed #empowerment
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee_post

    You know that she can handle
    Even in a chess she knows
    how to save his king
    a aa !!
    not only king here but also kingdom..

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    she wears a crown of GRATITUDE
    a dress of STRENGTH
    shoes of LEVELS
    sparkling jewelries of her QUALITIES

    She survive with WOUNDS
    She is the Brightest Star in her CASTLE

    because she is the "QUEEN"

  • mysteriousde 13w

    Just to find peace
    Just to spread love.. ❣️

    There is no light
    In the dark ocean
    She fall in
    With an emotion
    Scars are mandatory
    She wore them
    Like her passion

    #high vision with less priorities..

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    I can't listen your violence
    because I have my own silence..

  • mysteriousde 15w

    #hindiwrites #sayari #love #distance

    क्यों तुझे हर बात बताने की जरूरत पड़ती है
    क्यों तुझे चाहत जताने की जरूरत पड़ती है !!


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    वो दिल जो तुझसे दूरियां बढ़ाता है
    तेरे हिस्से का वक्त तन्हा बिताता है !!

  • mysteriousde 15w

    किसी की तलब लगी और अरसा गुजर गया
    चलते चलते वो मेरी मंजिल बदल गया !!

    टोका कई बार फिर रुक गया
    वो आगे बढ़ गया मैं वहीं रह गया !!

    उसे ललक थी कुछ नया पाने की
    मुझसे पहले मेरे बाद वो कई चाहते बदल गया !!

    न जाने वो क्यों आया
    तूफान देखकर सुकून ले गया !!

    #hindiurdu #shayari #love #lost
    @mirakee @hindiwriters

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    maqsad-e-zindagii muqaddar dila de
    Jo mukhtalif ho chale hai, ruu-ba-ruu kara de

  • mysteriousde 16w

    @hindiwriters @mirakeeworld
    #love #life
    There is no certainty in life
    It is full of mystery
    So expecting everything from it will break you deeply
    i.e. everything will not happen as per your plans
    It means you have to ready for all the consequences of your desire ..

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    मोहब्बत की मिठास भर रही हूं जिंदगी में
    शायद मैं उसे याद कर रही हूं नींद में !!

  • mysteriousde 16w

    Ohhh terrrii ������
    Ye kya likh diya����
    Just for nothing ����

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    घुल जाऊं तेरी चाय में चीनी हूं क्या
    मिलूं तुझसे रोज बीबी हूं क्या !!

  • mysteriousde 16w

    @mirakeeworld @mirakee
    #deep #love #justforyou

    What my sorrows feel with you.. ��

    Your voice calms
    Your hug warms
    Your word toches
    Your smile loves
    Your hand feels
    Your company ease

    I have no words
    To describe your presence !!

    I don't know how to express
    But when it comes to you
    There's no limit to love you !!��

    Every single day every single night
    I thought about you in my whole time❣️❣️

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    When it comes to you
    Everything seems beyond the sky...