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    People talk about growing old in relationship, marriage etc etc.
    But what about the relations where we can actually say,

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    Happy Birthday my soulmate ❤️

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    Ten years hence, among all others
    Chapters all began,when my mother
    handed my tiny little finger
    to the girl, whose smile was bigger!

    Then on, the experience overflowed
    the bestfriends that unexpectedly showed!
    The mischief, the jokes, the laughter
    the years went on better!!

    It was the bestest day when we met first,
    Bond of ten years absolutely robust.....

    Nursery friend to high school friend,
    Schoolmate to college mate... benchmate to roommate

    This journey of adore and cosset,
    Our togetherness is decided by fate!!


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    Dear readers;
    First of all, Hello Mirakeeans! I'm here after a long long time. Missed you all so much!As you guys know quarantine days are going on,but it's not that I was getting bored so I come back! It's quarantine but very useful for all the students of 12th like me!! But I took few times out for my favourite work!!

    So,I'm sending lots of love to everyone out there! And this letter is for them who think that marks actually don't matter. I wanna say something to those people.

    I know you people what you think. According to you marks don't matter. It's all about hard work and talent. Even if you have scored less mark, you can still excel in life. Yes, you're right and I accept the fact that marks ain't always equal to your intelligence. But I don't agree to that marks don't matter in life.

    Whatever I gonna say might not fair, but it's the harsh reality.

    If you think only your knowledge can decide your future, it's may be true. But if you have knowledge it's very easy to score good marks.
    ISN'T IT??
    Some people might have told you good things about yourself , but that's majorly because most of them don't wanna dishearten you.

    Although marks are not the reflection of your ability and diligence- they,do however matter!

    Have you ever felt how it feels when a student won't be able to get admission in their dream college falling short by few marks. If you still think marks don't matter then ask those poor students who won't be able to get scholarship because of less marks!

    Yes.. obviously you don't need good marks,if you are talented! But HARD WORK DOES MATTER AND MARKS DON'T! - It's the wrong mentality. Your good marks show your dedication towards your study!
    So you can't ignore the fact by saying,
    Students, give best in your exams.
    Because you have to accept the fact that,


    -Akankshya Jena

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    -akankshya Jena

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    honestly I don't know what to say... how to start!!��
    first of all I'm sending a lots of love and a warm hug to everyone.
    So.. let me tell you all something about mirakee first. According to me, "Mirakee" is such a beautiful platform. It makes the world write_____into realty. It helps people find their talent. It encourages us to dive deeper within ourselves to find our most honest voice. For me writing was too boaring..but now I'm just addicted to it. It's not only my passion, it's my hidden emotion and the process of writing in itself is the most immersive self exploration a human can do. If you like writing like I do, trust me you have chosen the most powerful as well as the life-altering passion one can ever persue.
    So.. bahat ho gayi Mirakee ki taarif������
    Ab..kya bolun?�� Accha toh Mirakee ne writing k liye encourage kiyaa.. wo sahi hey.. but yahan itne saare rishtedar milenge ye nhi pata tha���� Dii toh bag bhar bhar k mile muje���� Kittu dii.. divya dii.. love u all❤❤
    @naughtygirl .. dii hamari chudailon ki leader nd bhoot banglow ki owner��
    @unspokengirl ... aap ke baare me kya bolun.. elder sister ki kami bahat acche se poori kar di aapne.. Nd saare post me bezzati v kar diyaa�� still I love you❤
    Love you infinitely all of my Diddus❤❤������������ .. #dove_wings #kittu_saini #divya100(sorry 10se jyaada tag nhi ho rhe hain..Sorry!..)
    Dost ka toh kya bataun.. sabse pehli dost thi meri @mummas_girl ye chudail��❤❤ teri jyaada tarif nhi karungi .. nhi toh golgappa banke ghumegi����
    Kya tarif karoon teri�� ... chal hatt.. teri tarif k liye kuch words hi nhi he... bas jaldi se thik ho jaa.. nd love u too too much meri jaan������
    @mr_matured .. Sun.. NRI..teri tarif bilkul nhi karne waali me���� bas USA se wapas mat aana�� nd muje bhul jaa..kkk bye..
    @mankikhushi .. Oye khushi.. tere baare me kya bolun.. ���� best frnd hey na mera.. bhulnaa mat muje..nhi toh daant tod dungi .. ���� wese me hostel se koi leke aaungi tere liye.. wapas aake teri shaadi karwani he muje���� wait karnaa ... love u❤❤
    Ab chalte hain bhaiya logon ke paas..��
    @harsh__hitman_45 .. bhaiya..thoda he she they kam kar liya karo�� nd bhabi mili naa muje pehle aake batanaa... ������
    @candy_floss .. Or bhaiya aap chocolate kavi real me itnaa de denaa.. jitne emojis veje hain naa chocolate ke gin k rakhungi me..utnaa hi chhahiye muje���� @d_shubh .. aapke baare me or kya bolun.. jaldi se shaadi kar lo bhaiya����... nd thanks for supporting me������
    Love u my bhaiyon��❤❤❤❤❤
    ... @dev_eleven .. don't worry! me aapko bhaiya nhi bulaungi..���� aap cockroach ho.. Cockroaches ko me bhaiya nhi banata�������� thank you so much cockroach for everything.. aap un logon me se ho jinhe me kavi bhul nhi paaungi❤❤ aapse baat karke bahat accha laga.. nd khabardaar..muje vulnaa mat..nd me vulne v nhi dungi..Love you..❤❤
    Nd sabse acchi baat ye hey ki muje yahan chhoti behene v mili.. ������ mene kavi socha v nhi tha muje v koi dii bulayegaa ���� .. par yahan 4 se 5 chhoti behen mili muje.. Love u my chhotis����❤❤ aap sab bahat aage jaoge.. keep going nd naam roshan karnaa mera��������
    @fadedsmile (Isha) ... aaditishinde (Aadu❤) ... perfectly_imperfect2 (Arisha) ... nd cute____girlll (Arushi) ... Sorry .. behno.. tag nhi ho rha hey..��..
    but love u all ... ❤❤❤❤
    Bhulnaa mat koi muje������
    Jinke baare me nhi likhaa sorry.. but I love you all.. muh mat banana��������
    Will miss you all!!
    See u..... Nd...

    -akankshya Jena

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    Will be back soon✌

    Thumb through the caption

    -akankshya Jena

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    Be a pride of everyone you belong to!

    -akankshya Jena

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    Work more..
    Study hard..
    Study hard and hard
    untill the "LAMPLIGHT" of your study table becomes the
    "SPOTLIGHT" of the stage!!
    -akankshya Jena

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    The best part of our life
    has departed us
    before we realise..

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    May your all wishes and dreams come true..
    To be surrounded by a lots of love, happiness, good fortune and good health❤
    Have an amazing celebration!
    Wish you the happiest birthday ever to the sweetest and craziest dii��

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