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  • mypenmythoughts 40w

    Youth came with beauty,
    Beauty made me a magnet,
    Magnet that all wants to be,
    Be it a saint or an actor

  • mypenmythoughts 45w

    Be happy always as you are...


  • mypenmythoughts 47w

    If your heart is broken
    Let it be liberated
    If u try joining it
    It will further break into pieces
    N it's ofcourse not good for both
    It's better to let it heal.

  • mypenmythoughts 47w


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    En ter tains
    physical realms

  • mypenmythoughts 47w

    Answered now
    Deads become live

  • mypenmythoughts 48w

    Love of my life
    Where r u?
    It's almost time for u to knock
    I waited long long
    As if a century has passed away
    My heart do pounds so hard these days
    Its impossible to say
    How much I lingered all these days ...
    And now when u are here nearby I feel deeply
    Something which I can't express
    My words not matter here
    Only do my eyes can tell..
    So if u have any questions do ask my eyes
    N all your queries will surely be replied..

  • mypenmythoughts 48w

    Janchna jaruri h khud ko
    Jaruri nhi k hum hamesha sahi ho
    Kayiyon ko dekha h Mene
    Khushi Dekh nhi paate khud ki
    Jo khud apni archan ban beithe h ..
    Janch Jo lete khudko ek Baar
    Kya pta Kuch aur hi hote aaj
    Samay balwaan h isse koi jeeta nhi
    Jo samay par sab kar lete to Rona nhi padta ..Rona nhi padta...

  • mypenmythoughts 48w

    Good bye

    Like the dead skin on my surface
    I scrubbed off all the dead cells ,
    Cells that is nothing to me now
    Off went all worries as I move ahead...

  • mypenmythoughts 48w

    Happy New year 2021

    The days will be bright
    And the night a silent light
    We all by the way will enjoy the day,
    Life is tough but it's not too rough,
    Far away from the town
    No more we'll be down
    Loath of all wickedness
    Will no more be found
    Faces all gay will always say
    The time has come we all to be profound
    In holiness n righteousness
    No more tiredness no more disgrace,
    The days will be bright
    And the night a silent light.

  • mypenmythoughts 49w

    No matter how much hard I am
    No matter how u behaved unto me
    No matter how much proud u r
    I can still forgive you giving up all that I hold
    If u return only for your own good
    For it's better to leave your old man
    And renew revive n receive all blessings
    And that is for your own good .