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  • myownfeelings 81w


    Falling in love with you was like holding a candle. At first it lit up the world around me. Then it started melting and hurting. In the end it went off and everything is now darker than ever and all I am left with is the ... Burn!


  • myownfeelings 81w


    Late at night when the whole world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you, and I wish on a star that somewhere you are thinking of me too... missing you...


  • myownfeelings 85w

    I think the worst feeling in the world is to be forgotten by the one you could never forget.


  • myownfeelings 90w

    (☁️☔) ➡️ ()

    We were like
    The sunlight of winters
    Shed shield of summers☁️
    Umbrella of rainy days☔.

    And while enjoying and living our happy life we forgot that there also comes a autumn season where we got seperated from each other like a old leaf seperates from its tree.


  • myownfeelings 91w

    I know that looking back at the tears will only make me laugh
    but, I never knew that looking back at the laughter can actually lead to tears.

    I miss you so badly.


  • myownfeelings 93w

    HOW ❓

    Someone :
    How can we love someone without even having a single hope of getting them❓
    How can we love someone unconditionally ❓
    How can we love someone if they dont even know us ❓

    How ❓

    Sit with me for sometime and I will answer all your questions. (A one sided lover said)


  • myownfeelings 93w


    I went on a journey of non stop conversations to unseen messages.

    At the start it was like heaven,
    those true smiles, happiness on face,

    But I ended my journey alone, broken.

    Sometimes a good start doesn't means that the end will also be good.


  • myownfeelings 94w


    The real value of the night is revealed to us after our breakup

    Thousands of questions and memories comes across our head at night.

    sometimes it becomes the best time for a person with a broken heart to cry

    And, sometimes it also becomes the worst time to pass for that same person.


  • myownfeelings 95w


    experience said to avoid love again,
    soon she came
    and my heart said me to do this experience again.❤️

  • myownfeelings 96w

    Nine letters and
    Two words✌✨.
    And the value of those nine letters increases when these two words comes together.

    Nine letters = HAPPINESS
    two words = ME and YOU❤️❤️