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  • mylines01 66w

    This feeling is something which I will never forget because eventually it made me start over again ����

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    Listen, I love you the way we kept ourselves
    awake till the midnight until I said you to end my day
    but eventually it made your day start with it.

  • mylines01 66w

    Love changes you in different ways but if you don't change for love things change without any reason.

    Even though we both are destined to be together its makes me happy to remember you every now then and hope to enjoy all together❣

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    Our Life

    Today I felt that I can't see you without me in your life
    Neither I can't see myself without you in my life
    So no one can replace us in our life

  • mylines01 66w

    Even though we are dealing with many problems we still seek someone to love and felt loved too.
    So no matter what people tell or write about love just keep that aside and do it when you feel like doing it positively.❤

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    Hello reader

    Hello reader, don't worry and listen to me,
    Start a relationship with someone you love and
    stop thinking that it will end one day.
    Start resolving up with the person whom you love and
    stop thinking to break the relation.
    Starting loving yourself a bit more if you're alone and
    stop thinking that you won't fall in love.
    Because love always been part of your life which
    stops feeling emptiness when you have it.

  • mylines01 67w

    Love heals

    Love hurts but it can heal you if you try again wholeheartedly with the one who deserves

  • mylines01 86w


    You could feel peace when you love someone
    and someone who loves you back unconditionally

  • mylines01 87w

    Your mine

    I still remember your dreams were you want to fulfil with me
    but I am glad that my dream is fulfilled by having you

  • mylines01 87w


    Let's go to the park to reserve our bench & tell me your fantasy stories so that I could indulge looking at yours lips for every moment

  • mylines01 87w


    The miracle things happens in my day to day life is that
    I just forget the problems I have whenever I think about you

  • mylines01 87w


    Remember one thing that no one stays forever in our life except
    the ones which are meant to stay so enjoy your life with them

  • mylines01 87w


    The love you gave me helped the lifeless plant to
    grow back & fulfil all the dreams you thought together