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  • muted_soul_ 14w

    Eyes don't just hide pain,
    They hide love too...

  • muted_soul_ 14w

    Not happy
    Not sad
    Something missing.

  • muted_soul_ 27w

    I wish you choose their absence over their disrespect.

  • muted_soul_ 30w

    Idk why my heart is so sad

  • muted_soul_ 33w

    Life is like a station
    Bheed bhot hai lekin apna koi nhi...!

  • muted_soul_ 34w


    Get stuck in with your past,
    N keep hustling over those feelings n memories,
    Or just move on n start making new ones...
    The choice is yours!
    Life goes on,
    But the right choice makes a big difference!

  • muted_soul_ 37w

    Dard wahi hai jo chhupa liya jaye,
    Jo bta diya jaye wo tamasha bn jata hai...!

  • muted_soul_ 37w

    Rabb Ohnu Kho Lainde
    Jehda Howe Ohnu Jaan Ton Pyara...!

  • muted_soul_ 37w

    Mujhe khud pr itna toh yakeen hai
    Ki royega wo shaks
    Mujhe firse paane k liye..!

  • muted_soul_ 37w

    Walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes.
    There is no need to explain or make sense of it.
    It's your life.
    Do what makes you happy.