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  • muskansadana 94w

    Procrastination is a killer
    You might know how you can rise and be a successful person. You might know that your each single step of letting go the prior things is slowly taking you farther from your destiny. You are unique and everyone is in its own way. You have to create perfection out of your uniqueness. Stop expecting life to give you a polite gesture while you are sitting back counting your good deeds and uniquenesses.
    Procrastination is a killer. It acts so smart. It takes your attention to rubbish things. It invokes creativity for excuses. It keeps you simply lazy but happy by serving fantasies and imagination of reaching the goal even without working on it. And then quickly and accurately it kills your dream or takes far from you. It never want you to chase it. But as you stop procasting, there are hardly much obstacles left to reach your goals. Life will still provide some obstacles, it will play with you but as it knows you are a dedicated player it will surely surprise you and might also give you bonus. Be a winner not a survivor of procrastination.

    By Muskan Sadana

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Procrastination is a killer

  • muskansadana 132w

    You might know how to measure the sugar left in the jar in your kitchen, you might know how you can compare your height with your sibling and then tease them but here is something you even might not have thought of measuring : the cozyness in your relationships. Ever sat beside your collegue and felt uncomfortable when none of you could find any topic to discuss on or felt like he/she might be getting bored, leading you to bite your nails or give each other an awkward smile.
    Imagine the same situation with your best friend. Its rarely that two best friends are quite but when they are they share a peaceful silence. None of them gets over attentive on themselves.
    The silence is the measure of the cozyness, the bonding and the love between the people. Sitting beside your lover gazing the sky might be the best example.
    Next time you are stuck in the situation of uncomfortable silence, remember me.
    By Muskan Sadana

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    Comfortable silence

  • muskansadana 152w

    --------------The stars want me to stare them---------------

    They lived a happy life and went to the night sky,
    The creed that they are stars is enough to fortify.

    Two of the infinite love me, I concur,
    Our meeting is a chimera yet other stars too defer.

    When I feel alone and want voluble friends,
    The stars amuse me by their constellation and bends.

    They hide behind the clouds and we play hide and seek,
    And sometimes they don't come at all when displeased.

    He said he loves me and we sat at the sea side,
    And watched the stars gleam at us till the morning light.

    They are the stars of our romantic rendezvous,
    They may be illusion but their love is so true.

    Those stars strengthen me when I feel low,
    By igniting my soul with their light and glow.

    They watch from above, all of my actions,
    And bless me with heavenly affection.

    - By Muskan Sadana

    #writersnetwork #mirakee @someshsoni

    Words used in the poem :

    Creed - belief
    Fortify - strengthen
    Concur - agree
    Chimera - illusion
    Defer - respect
    Rendezvous - meeting

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  • muskansadana 154w

    Beyond my life there exist a world, I believe

    Where the true well being resides
    Where no body fake promises
    Where people are learned as well polite
    Where crime has no place
    Where superstitions don't exist in name of religion
    Where the lovers don't betray
    Where the social connection is no more on phones
    Where marriage is not a show off but depicts a pure bond
    Where lust and money is not everything
    Where there is no need of old age home
    Where the girls face no discrimination
    Where knowledge and wisdom appeals to young generation
    Where truth and honesty is in the air
    Where conserving the nature is goal of everyone
    Where boundaries are just physical separations

    Yet my imagination is too far from the reality...will you help me cover the distance??

    By Muskan Sadana
    #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • muskansadana 157w

    More wisdom we aquire,
    more humble we become,
    more abundance we manifest.

  • muskansadana 160w

    -----------JOURNEY OF TEARS VIA HEART---------------

    The precious drop tagged with thousands of feelings, fell,
    Sometimes disclaiming the heart's condition to unable to bear the hell.
    Sometimes they are happiness symbolizing unexpected joy,
    And ofcourse they are independent of you and me,
    a girl or boy.
    The journey begin somewhere from being hurt and end by puffing your eyes,
    Eyes loose their glam as they are not build to express lies.
    The journey also begins from feeling worthless to feeling unexpectedly worthwhile,
    Here route is the same that is via heart but journey ends with a smile.
    The precious drop tagged with thousands of feelings, fell,
    I love my eyes and those tears as they express my heart so well.
    - By Muskan Sadana

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Journey of tears via heart

  • muskansadana 162w

    मेरे हमसफर
    बिना प्यार के बनते ना कोई फूल और कोई कलिया भी नहीं खिलती ।
    तेरे प्यार से मेरी कायनात है वरना किसी को ऐसी तकदीर नहीं मिलती ।

    हर कोई अपनी फितरत सी दिखा जाता है ।
    कोई साथ निभा जाता है तो कोई बिखरा जाता है ।

    पराए हो पर कुछ अपना सा लगता है तुम में
    मेरे हाथ में तेरा हाथ चाहिए बस इस जीवन में ।

    मेरी हर सांस में तुम हो दिल की तो क्या बात करू ।
    साथ जो मेरे तुम खड़े तो दुनिया से मै क्या डरू ।

    मै फूल तुम माली बन जाओ मै बारिश तुम बादल बन जाओ ।
    क्या खूब हसीन होगी वो जिंदगी मै नदी तुम किनारा बन जाओ।

    मोहोबत की इंतेहा नहीं है तुमसे हर पल ये दिल बोलता है मुझसे ।
    मेरा दिल तो बस यही राग गाता है तेरी एक मुस्कान से मेरा दिन बन जाता है ।

    मै जानती हूं तुम भी मुझसे बोहोत प्यार करते हो ।
    बस दिल की बात कहने से थोड़ा डरते हो ।
    प्यार के इजहार का इकरार तो मैंने करना था ।
    तुम मुझसे मिलने पर क्यो ठंडी आहे भरते हो ।

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Dying for our rendezvous my love...
    ( मेरे हमसफर )

  • muskansadana 162w

    If they are not afraid to loose you, they are not meant to stay.

  • muskansadana 166w

    If your heartbreak brings you strength, welcome it.

  • muskansadana 167w

    Writing my 100th post, I wish to make it one of the best posts I have ever written. I will appreciate if you take time to read and comment on my writeup.
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Its my perception about love and infactuation which this generation is into.

    Lets re-conceive love.
    Who says humans are not made to be loved, ofcourse the one who misdefines love. It is obvious to fall for the person with beautiful eyes, or with the one having same perspective as you have. Yes, they are there to be the cause of your happiness for short time or to fulfill your dramatic dreams of romance and closeness. But it isn't the core of love. It may be attraction or just infactuation. Love is hardest to do and is unconditional. It is only partially concerned with happiness and more with the satisfaction. Love is that strongest commitment to be in the harmony of a person without his or her acceptance. It may give you pain, disappointment and this all is the part of it. But the greatest thing about love is that it remains till the end of time. There are no breakups in love. So it is preferable to say that either make infactuation your love or admit the feeling you considered love was just infactuation. Anyways, Beauty really LOVED the Beast. Popcorn!!

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    Give me the sweetest poison: memories with you. And it will run in my viens for my whole life.