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  • muskan_potter 99w

    I no longer know
    Whether I wanna know or not
    Whatever it be that I'm seeking
    Are they words, or hugs or kisses?
    Can someone show me compassion ,
    Or will we be served only hisses?

  • muskan_potter 108w

    I held her in my arms for an instant
    But then the moment passed
    And I realised that it was just a dream,
    My pillow the one I was holding
    Holding to keep myself from falling
    Into the deep abyss of Love,
    Only to later realise I've already fallen
    Already fallen in too deep.

  • muskan_potter 111w

    She was that glimmer of sparkle
    The one you see
    When its all dark around you
    And the air seems to shimmer
    With mystery & magic.

  • muskan_potter 112w

    Your love is to me
    What fire is to moth.


  • muskan_potter 115w

    The glittering stars decorating the black sky
    Flew down from the heavens
    And settled down on the dark tresses of her hair
    She, the creature of night, from hell
    With her long hairs & dark dress
    Pale skin & dark eyes
    Bright aura & dark magic.

  • muskan_potter 118w

    #writersnetwork @bandana_chetri

    Writing after a looong time.... Hope someone else can relate to it too❤

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    Love is blind, love is passionate
    Love is being on a rollercoaster
    Without wearing a security helmet.

    Love is wound, love is cure
    Love is going ahead with it
    Despite knowing it'll destroy you for sure.

    Love is elixir, love is poison
    Love is desiring to dip in its eternal feeling
    Wanting to rub it's ethereal essence unto ourselves like lotion.

    Love is life, love is death
    Love is hoping to soak in the warmth it emits
    Knowing it'll scorch you for the rest.

  • muskan_potter 142w

    You always used to say
    That you were afraid to lose me,
    It seems you've overcome your fears now.

    You always used to say
    That I was the best thing ever happened to you
    It seems I've been replaced now.

    You always used to say
    A lot of things
    But it seems of them are true now.

  • muskan_potter 142w

    I'm too caring a person
    And that's a problem,
    Cause they don't want a second mother as their lover.

    They don't like it
    Say I'm too much sometimes.
    They want someone wild
    Someone who keeps them on their toes,
    Not someone who cares when they're quiet
    Not someone who cares enough to simply listen to their woes...

  • muskan_potter 142w

    We mostly only want
    What causes us harm.

    Like how, out of all the flowers in the world
    A red rose with thorns is what we most adore.

  • muskan_potter 142w

    I wanna be like that teardrop on your eye lid
    The one you miss when it falls down your cheek.