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  • muskaanbhatt 1w

    Just few minutes back, I logged out my new mirakee account @muskaanbhatt_ , just to try out logging in this old account @muskaanbhatt which I had lost few weeks back��‍♀️ Because of FB login issues, and today again I tried to login this and fortunately fb allowed me to login this I'd today������ and now I have 2 I'ds������

    And it's an another thing that i am not interested in miraquill as much as I used to��

    And luckily I had lost only 4 followers after being inactive for weeks������

    Thanks but no thanks @miraquill for sorting this issue����‍♀️
    @writersnetwork @miraquill_assistant

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    What the hell?

    My reaction was seriously like what the heck

  • muskaanbhatt 3w

    Not working

    Why isn't this shitty app working
    It's becoming boring day by day

  • muskaanbhatt 3w

    Not the traditional myth but a modern one��
    #pod #wod #myth #writers #attic #ceesreposts @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Look the sun is again going down to create the beauty of horizon
    Exactly in the evening everyday how sun meets the surface and seems like dies in

    That orange illumination is glowing from all over the sky
    It's not the sun full of light but it's twilight which is left after saying the goodbye

    Everything appears so shadowy,showing it's lovers an another part of elegance
    Revealing it's glamour even after the sun-sets and removing from the observer's heart the stink of arrogance

  • muskaanbhatt 4w


    Your obsession for me is

    As pleasurable as the spring blossoms of the almond trees

    As lovey- dovey as the summer days spend in the valleys

    As magnificent as the autumn when green leaves of poplar tree are turning into brown

    As enthralling as the winters when everything is covered under the snow

    As nostalgic as the continuous rain mixed with light breeze


  • muskaanbhatt 4w

    My situation everytime when you are going through tough times of your life, you suffer I suffer too love, soon everything will be fine with you��
    #pod #wod #love #couples #writers #shayiri

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    Yaad karta hu tumhe is qadar
    Ki dil lagaye nahi lagta
    Bechaini si ho rahi hai is qadar
    Ki chain aye nahi ata
    Sukoon se mehroom hu is qadar
    Ki aman milaye nahi milta
    Berang hogayi hai zindagi is qadar
    Ki rang mai rangaye nahi rangta
    Beshouk ho chuka hu is qadar
    Ki koi shaukh dekhe shaukeen nahi banta

  • muskaanbhatt 4w


    "They say love's beauty is at the beginning and it fades away with the passage of time but i say if love is true, it's beauty will never fade away, not even after 100 years"

  • muskaanbhatt 4w

    My three strengths
    And wait

    Thanks love for teaching me good lessons of life

    Thanks for telling me how to be happy even in bad worst times of our life

    As you always tell me bad times are just of few time and happy times are for long time

    As you always tell me to be happy from inside/ outside and in front of others, even if you are suffering badly in your worst circumstances

    As fortunately we got out of those bad times of our life and now everything is as prefect as before with help and support of each other

    And thanks for always giving me accolades regarding my patience, love, tolerance and wait
    #pod #wod #writers #love #couples


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    Bura Waqt

    Jo pad jawo tum kabhi kisi museebat mai
    Yad rakhna mai hu tumhare sath mai
    Ho jaye lakh ye zamana khilaf tumhare
    Phir bhi dekho ge mujhe tum pass mai apne
    Jo pawo tum akela khudko kabhi
    Toh pawoge mujh ko tum apne sath mai har kahi
    Jo guzro kabhi tum lakh pareshaniyun se
    Ye sonchna muskaan tumhare chehri ki mai dour kabhi na hone dugi tumse
    Karle ye duniya tumse kitni bhi nafrat
    Magar karti rahugu mai tum se pyar har waqat
    Ki Tha ye bura waqt kuch pal ka bas
    Lo dekhlo ab phir se khushiya laut ayi hai

  • muskaanbhatt 4w

    Likh kai subah rakha tha, post ab kar ri hu, such a busy day I had ��
    #love#couple #writers #miraquill #pod #wod #travel
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    When I travel with you from this ordinary land to our dreamland
    Atmosphere seems so romantically warm and sunny
    Traveling there while maintaining an eye contact
    Getting those butterflies in my belly and those fireflies in my mind
    Where we think about each other while looking at that open sky
    That land where there is no one except you and me
    Holding each other's hand and spending time with each other
    Feels like time is passing rapidly without any pause
    Again want to go with you on a tour which will never end


  • muskaanbhatt 4w

    You once told me

    "You once told me,in a crowd of thousands of people ,you can easily find me,so true you said, everytime I hide myself from you between that crowd on those throng streets, without having my glimpse,you doubtlessly find me just by my scent"

  • muskaanbhatt 4w

    Dedicated to my childhood , In which I faced alot alone
    Because I know how to deal with things on my own, without involving my loved ones for help and suppOrt.

    #pod #wod #childhood #love #life #writers #miraquill

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    ̶s̶o̶̶u̶l (̶c̶h̶i̶l̶d̶h̶o̶o̶d)

    There is some kind of hollowness in my soul
    Feels like something is eating me from inside
    Don't know how to get rid of this
    Paining so bad feels like it's bleeding
    Well enough I know it's remedy
    Little I know from where to get it
    Treatment will cost my entire life
    Shall I die now without taking the medicine
    Or shall I die while selling my life to buy it
    But in the end from both the cases
    Death will be the final thing